Child's Play Charity - Gamers Helping Children's Hospitals

Being sick sucks, especially if you're stuck in a hospital while everyone else is celebrating the holiday season. So, a bunch of gamers are making a difference for all the poor peeps who are sick. They've put together the Child's Play Charity organization that's donating games and toys to Children's Hospitals across the United States. Here's the scoop on the Child's Play Charity and how you can help sick kids around the world.

What's the Deal With Child's Play Charity?

Child's Play Charity kicked it off in 2003 when two full-time gamers, Tycho and Gabe, got sick of all the bad rep gamers get from the news and wanted to show that gamers can do some really good stuff. They hammered together Child's Play Charity to help the Seattle Children's Hospital and got swamped with $250,000 in donated toys and video games. In 2004, 2005, 2006 and again in 2007 they're doing it again but they're helping out more hospitals than ever. This year they've already raised more than $300,000 in donations with help from gamers around the world!

How Can I Help Child's Play Charity?

It's easy - donate games or money. Because all the stuff is going to sick kids they can't take used games because they might make someone sick. If you can donate new toys, buy toys from Amazon, or even just donate money through Paypal, it'll help out. Each hospital involved with Child's Play has an Amazon wish list that you can get to from the links below. To donate money, you can send it through Paypal by clicking Right Here or by snail mail to this address:

Child's Play Charity Mailing Address

Child's Play
12317 15th Ave NE, #108
Seattle, WA 98125

You can also help your neighbors find out all about Child's Play Charity by downloading these flyers, printing them out and posting them. Try showing them to your teachers at school too - it might help! Right-click on the image below, choose "Save Target As..." and save the file to your computer. Then open it and print a few off.

Child's Play Charity Flyer

Who Benefits From Child's Play Charity?

Everybody does, especially the poor kids who're stuck in hospitals. Check out all the children's hospitals around the world that are being helped by Child's Play Charity by heading to

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    Can You Help Child's Play?

    • Yeah! I'm printing flyers and posting them.
    • I'll see if I can get my parents to help out.
    • I'm going to try to get my school involved!
    • Maybe, I'll have to see.

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