Duel Masters TCG: Rampage of the Super Warriors Set Review

Duel Masters TCG: Rampage of the Super Warriors Set Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Get the scoop on the Duel Masters TCG: Rampage of the Super Warriors card game expansion with this review!

It's time for more smashing, bashing and kicking butt in the Duel Masters Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast. If you're planning on ruling the duel then you need to know all about the Rampage of the Super Warrior expansion set and what it can add to your Duel Masters deck! Check out the info here with our card game review.

New Ways to Rule the Duel with Rampage of the Super Warriors

The biggest boost to your deck's dueling power in Rampage of the Super Warriors is the mono-civilization power-ups. Mono means one so, if your deck is all one civilization, these cards get stronger. Whether it's more attack power or extra abilities, it's a boost and it's easy to use!

Powering up your Shield Cards!

Another cool boost from Rampage of the Super Warriors is that some cards can mess with your Shields. Light lets you add more Shields, Water lets you swap them, Fire and Darkness let you destroy them to use really strong cards and Green can add more Shields or put them into the Mana Zone.

Rampage of the Super Warriors - Super Problems

The mono-civilization power ups are cool. However, you can't pack your deck full of fun cards from different civilizations so you lose out on some cool card combos and other options.

Rampage of the Super Warriors Rating: 4

Rampage of the Super Warriors Thumbs Up:

  • More super-cool monster artwork.
  • Easy power ups for single civilization decks.
  • Mess with your shields for more power!
  • Super easy to collect.

    Rampage of the Super Warriors Thumbs Down:

  • Single civilization decks don't have lots of variety.

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    Fave Duel Masters Game?

    • I like the original cards best.
    • The Evo Crushinators of doom cards rocked.
    • Rampage of the Super Warriors cards are awesome.
    • Cards schmards, I'd rather play the video games!

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