100 Free Games! Plus, Avoiding Xbox 360 eBay Scams

The latest video game news is here! From the scoop on the Xbox 360 to info on the Playstation 3, X-Men mania and more, we've got all the info you need. Plus, we've also got the 411 on what new video games are dropping this week, from King Kong to Tony Hawk - check it all out!

100 Free Video Games!

The fun folks at have a steal of a deal for you. They have over 100 video games available for download on their site and they want you to check 'em out for free! All you have to do is click your way over to their site and start downloading. What a stocking stuffer!

Xbox 360 eBay Scams

The Xbox 360 is the hot new toy this Christmas and everybody wants one, bad. But, some dirty-rotten-jerks are using this as a chance to scam folks by selling an Xbox 360 for a really good price. But, they're only selling a picture of the Xbox 360, not the real thing, and they say so in tiny 'wee letters so folks don't notice it then, after they have their cashola, they disappear. So, if you want an Xbox 360, watch out for rip-offs!

Thursday December 22

King Kong Lives!

The award-winning, awesome King Kong game that's based on the King Kong movie by Peter Jackson lets you do more than play the adventure of the movie, it lets you save Kong! If you beat the game, then earn 250,000 points when you play it again, you'll be able to save the great ape and send him home to Skull Island.

Xbox 360 Hackers Get Busted

A trio of Xbox 360 hackers thought they'd make some extra $$$ by modifying Xbox 360 game systems to let you play pirated games. They thought wrong! The police busted 'em and now the only things they'll be modifying are license plates.

No NHL Video Games for EA?

EA already has a deal where they're the only company that can make NFL video games but, when they went for a deal that would make them the only company that can make NHL games, they got shut down! The NHL hockey league decided that they wanted EA and Take 2 Games (the folks behind the awesome NBA 2K6 game) to make games for them. So, no exclusive deal for EA!

Wednesday December 21

Sonic the Hedgehog Speeds up with Sonic Rider!

Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest hedgehog in the world, is speeding up with wild air board racing in his upcoming Sonic Riders game from Sega! With crazy tricks, multiplayer races, and different skills for each racer, it looks awesome. The website is up now, go check it out at:

EA Fixes Buggy Madden 06 Game for PSP

If you snagged a copy of Madden 06 for the PSP you had to watch it 'cuz the Franchise Mode could shut down your PSP. Bummer! But, EA
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