New Super Mario Bros. DS Game Cheats: Bonus Lives!

Oh no! Bowser's nabbed Princess Peach again, that turd! It's up to Mario and Luigi to save the day again in the New Super Mario Bros. video game for the Nintendo DS. But, they're up against the vile Bowser and his entire army of Koopas - saving the Princess is going to take game cheats. This is where Kidzworld's Cheat Street is handy! It's the home to all the cheats, walkthroughts, hints, tips, secrets and codes you need to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Unlock Extra Worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. Game

To get even more gaming fun out of the New Super Mario Bros. video game you need to unlock all the extra worlds! Mini Mario is the secret to unlocking two of 'em, here's how you do it.
  • World 4 - Beat the boss in World 2's final castle as Mini Mario.
  • World 7 - Beat the boss in World 5's final castle as Mini Mario.
  • Power-Up Mushroom House Mania!

    Each world has a Mushroom House you can visit to grab a power up. There are different kinds of houses, with different power-ups, and you can make the kind you want show up by finishing a level with the right numbers in the last two digits of the timer.
  • 11, 22, 33 = Red Mushroom House = Bonus Items.
  • 44, 55, 66 = Green Mushroom House = 1-up Mini-Game.
  • 77, 88, 99 = Orange Mushroom House = Mega Mushroom.
  • Single Player Luigi Game Cheat

    Mario's cool, but his bro' Luigi needs some gamin' action! You can play as Luigi in single-player mode by holding down the L and R buttons as you load your saved game.

    Level-Skipping Warp Cannons Cheat!

    Want to blast your way past all the bad guys, skipping entire worlds as you rush to save the day? Then you need to find the Warp Cannons! You can get to them from the Ghost House levels in Worlds 1-5 and they will blast you ahead three whole worlds.
  • World 1 - Get the Koopa Shell power-up and, in the room where you get Star Coin #2, jump to the upper-right corner to find a hidden room. In there, smash through the blocks to the right and enter the Red Pipe.
  • World 2 - This one isn't in a Ghost House! In stage 2-3, swim into an opening in the ceiling to find a coin room. Leave through the top of this room to open up a tropical level. In this level, jump on the spin block, glide to the right, bounce off the Koopa by the Star Coin, go through the Yellow Pipe on the high ledge, then the Red Pipe.
  • World 3 - Hit all the ? switches then head right and wall-jump to get to the stairs, jump up them, jump left and hustle down the next stairs. At the bottom, go right and enter the left door.
  • World 4 - Get the Mini-Mario power-up and, by the pipe that exits the Ghost House, Wall Jump to the upper-right ledge. Then Wall Jump up even higher to find Star Coin #3 and a door to the Warp Cannon exit.
  • World 5 - After getting Star Coin #2, exit the room, head up the stairs and go left until you find a 3-block ledge. Jump onto it and search for the 3 hidden blocks. Get onto the middle hidden block and do a squat-jump to find another block and a beanstalk. Climb the beanstalk, let the enemy at the top break all the blocks then jump onto the ledge and go into the door. Ride the platform up, then down, then head right and push against the wall as you go up. You'll drop onto a ledge with Star Coin #3 and another beanstalk block. Hit it, climb the beanstalk, take the left door, and head right.
  • That's it for New Super Mario Bros. video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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    • Super-size for massive smashing action!
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    • Koopa-shell sliding slams.
    • Mini-Mario! Being small rules.

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