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Chicken Little: Ace in Action :: Wii Game Review

Chicken Little: Ace in Action :: Wii Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 15, 2007
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

It’s deep space action and adventure with Commander Ace and crew! Is this Chicken Little -based game fun or fowl?

Aboard his Battle Barn “The Heifer” Commander Ace Little, space hero, and his brave crew travel the depths of space battling villainy in the name of good! With Mr. Fish, Abby and Runt at his side as they pursue the vile Foxy Loxy, Chicken Little: Ace in Action is an over-the-top video game of space heroics with the famous Adam West (the old-skool live-action TV Batman) voice acting all of Ace Little’s heroic chatter. Here’s the 411 on the action and adventure with Gary’s Nintendo Wii video game review!

Chicken Little - Four Flavors of Space Heroics!

The action comes in four flavors - first as Ace Little himself as he runs around with his blaster pistol and rocket pack. Second as Abby in the cockpit of her bad guy blastin’ spaceship. Third as Runt behind the wheel of his heavy duty tank. And, finally, as Mr. Fish with his computer-hacking minigames! You can also play multiplayer games with a friend!

Chicken Little - Sunny Side Up

What makes this game kick some chicken butt is the sense of humor. At the beginning, Chicken Little (from the animated movie) and his buddies are packed around a TV playing it and, as you play, you can hear them chat like they’re the ones playing it, not you! The action is also decent, there are a lot of power-ups, and plenty of stuff to blow up to earn bonus points, including your friends in the multiplayer games.

Chicken Little - Fowl Problems

One problem you probably won’t notice is that a bunch of the jokes are totally for your parents. Especially Adam West's jokes, who voices Ace Little. But the guy is famous for a TV show that’s 30 years old! Are you 30? If you are, take a hike, cuz Kidzworld is for kids! And, unfortunately, Mr. Fish’s minigame levels are frustrating cuz you have to wait for the targets to turn so you can hit them.

Chicken Little - Feathered Fun?

From the over-the-top heroics to the egg-shaped targets, Chicken Little: Ace in Action is a fun game with a sense of humor. Even though you’ll probably miss some of the jokes, your parents might get a kick out of them and that’s a great excuse to whup ‘em in the multiplayer modes.

Chicken Little: Ace in Action Thumbs Up:

  • You can blow up tons of stuff.
  • Lots of power-ups for each character.
  • Four different game modes.

  • Chicken Little: Ace in Action Thumbs Down:

  • Adam West = old-skool!
  • Mr. Fish levels = Mr. Boring.

  • Chicken Little: Ace in Action Game Rating: 4

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    • Give the lil' dude some love, he's awesome.
    • Chicken shmicken, Abby is the coolest!
    • Mr. Fish is way cooler.

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