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This Week in Sports - September 24-28, 2007

The Yankees secure a spot in the post-season and the Matrix asks for a trade. See what else happened this week!

Sports News - Yankees in Post-season

Despite a dismal first half of a season, the Yankees clinched a spot in the playoffs Wednesday night by defeating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 12-4. This win caps a great stretch for the Yanks - they won 15 of their last 20 games. With just three games remaining, it's still up in the air who the Yankees will play in the AL playoffs. They will most likely get the wild-card slot since they're still three games behind the Boston Red Sox, the current AL East leader. This will be the 13th consecutive post-season for the Yankees.

Sports News - Disgruntled NBA Stars

This week, two disgruntled NBA stars have made it known they want to be traded - just days before the start of training camp. First, Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz is so fed up with his role on the team, he's willing to walk away from the $60 million still owed to him. Then Phoenix Suns star Shawn Marion declared his intentions of being traded as well. Feeling unappreciated by his team and tired of hearing his name in trade requests, the Matrix hopes the Suns will scoop him.

Sports News - Bonds Says Bye to the Bay

Last week, the San Francisco Giants made it clear they were not going to re-sign Barry Bonds. The all-time home run king said goodbye to San Francisco as he played his final home game as a Giant on Wednesday night. Bonds went 0-3 in an 11-3 loss to the San Diego Padres. After he popped out his final at bat in the sixth inning, he was greeted with a standing ovation. He waved to the crowd, then he disappeared in the dugout and left the stadium. The 43-year-old Bonds has stated that he doesn't plan to retire and is rumored to possibly play for the Texas Rangers or the Yankees next season.

Notes Around the Sports World

  • The United States women's soccer team's dominance ended on Thursday as they lost to Brazil 4-0 in the semifinals of the Women's World Cup. The loss ended the United States' winning streak of 51 games.
  • Three weeks into the 2007 NFL season, there are still five undefeated teams - Dallas, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.
  • The Colorado Rockies have been making a strong late-season push for one of the last playoff spots in the National League. As of Friday, they've won 11 games in a row and are currently just two games behind the NL West leading team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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    Who Won the World Series in 2007?

    • Colorado Rockies.
    • Cleveland Indians.
    • Boston Red Sox.
    • No Clue!

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    Ba rc el o na is the best it's aubvious , but why you talk about italy is it because of the defeat against Juventus :|?
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    Oreoissteve posted in Basketball:
    Man i think Westbrook should get MVP theres no buts about it tbh
    reply about 10 hours
    Taidoku posted in Basketball:
    WOW WHAT A SEASON!! 3 months removed and the awards show was today. MVP=Russell Westbrook (I was right!) DPOY=Draymond Green (Kawhi deserved it tbh) 6th man=Eric Gordon Most Improved=Giannas Antetokumpo Rookie of the Year=Malcolm Brogdon These are the main awards that marks a player's place in NBA history. My personal list would've looked like: MVP=Russell Westbrook DPOY=Kawhi Leonard 6th Man=Lou Williams Most Improved=Giannas Antetokumpo Rookie of the Year=Dario Saric (maybe Joel Embiid but if he wasn't injured all the time) Until the 2018 NBA season, peace!
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    Denver Broncos 
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