Shonen Jump’s Bleach Trading Card Game Review

Join the battle of the Bleach anime in the trading card game that lets you play as a Soul Reaper, or a even Hollow!
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Shonen Jump’s Bleach Trading Card Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Oct 04, 2007
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Join the battle of the Bleach anime in the trading card game that lets you play as a Soul Reaper, or a even Hollow!

The Bleach anime is all about fifteen year-old Ichigo Kurosaki and his battle to save human souls from evil Hollows as a Soul Reaper. Now, with Shonen Jump's Bleach Trading Card Game, you can join the battle as with favorite characters from the TV show, even as the gruesomely evil Hollows! Gary checked it out and here's his Bleach card game review.

Bleach Trading Card Game - Soul Saving 101

The Bleach card game lets you and your friends battle as characters from the Bleach anime. You can pick up Bleach in 70-card Starter Decks or 10-card Booster Packs as you collect the 232 cards in the first set. Each player picks a Guardian, then you build a deck around the powers of your Guardian. You play character cards and have them battle by comparing abilities, with other cards powering them up. Attacks reduce your opponent's Power and the first to hit zero loses!

Bleach Trading Card Game - Soul Reaper Heroes

This game lets you dive right into the action with rules that are easy to understand and let you do some cool stuff. The cards look nice, the uber-shiny Guardian cards in the Starter Decks are a blast, but you can also collect non-shiny versions from Booster Packs. Being able to build Hollow decks is a blast too because, let's face it, heroes are schmucks! (Yay team evil!)

Bleach Trading Card Game - Soul-Sucking Hollows

It's cool to see different versions of characters from the anime, but the Overlay rule blows chunks because it wipes out all the cards on the old character and you can't use the new character for a turn. The game can take a while to play too, so don't try playing a match at recess!

Bleach Trading Card Game - Powerful or Pathetic

If you like Bleach, you're in luck because this is a very cool game. If you don't know Bleach from Naruto, you can still have fun with the game, but you'll miss out on a lot of the cool factor.

Bleach Card Game Thumbs Up:

  • Very cool Guardian cards.
  • You can play a Hollow deck!
  • Easy to learn, but with some solid strategy.
  • Bleach Card Game Thumbs Down:

  • The Overlay rules blow chunks.
  • Battles are a bit slow.
  • Bleach Card Game Rating: 4

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    What's Up With This Stuffed Lion?

    • That's Rukia - she put her soul into it after Ichigo absorbed her powers.
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    • It's haunted by the spirit of Ichigo's dad!

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