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Top Five World Series Heroes

The World Series has seen some big time heroes over the years. Kidzworld picks their five favorite heroes!

#5. World Series Heroes - Carlton Fisk

Game Six of the 1975 World Series proved to be the defining moment in Carlton Fisks' career. As a member of the Boston Red Sox, he was facing a tough Cincinati Reds team at Fenway Park. Carlton hit a deep hit that appeared would be a foul ball. But as luck would have it, the ball bounced off the left field pole and was ruled a home run. Although the homer gave the Red Sox a 76- win that night, they lost the next game and the series went to the Reds. Still, it was one of the greatest moments in Boston history!

#4. World Series Heroes - Kirby Puckett

The 1991 World Series was one of the most dramatic ever. Both the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves finished last in their divisions the year before. Coming into Game Six, the Twins were down three games to two. In the bottom of the 11th inning, Kirby Puckett hit a home run to win Game Six. A few nights later, the Twins won Game Seven and took home the '91 Series!

#3. World Series Heroes - Joe Carter

With his Toronto Blue Jays trailing 6-5 in the bottom of the ninth of Game Six in the 1993 World Series, Joe Carter had a lot of pressure on him to win the game. The game was at home and if the Jays lost, they would have to play Game Seven in Philly. But with two men on, Joe calmly went to the plate then belted a home run off the Phillies' Mitch Williams to bring the second consecutive World Championship to the city of Toronto!

#2. World Series Heroes - Reggie Jackson

After 21 years in the majors, Reggie Jackson has had his share of great moments. But it was the postseason where Reggie was at his best. He has been to the World Series eleven times and won it five of those years. His all time World Series batting average is .357 versus his regular average of .262. His most memorable moment came in Game Six of the 1977 Series, where he knocked out three homers on three consecutive pitches, to win the clinching game for his New York Yankees. It is no wonder his nickname is "Mr. October".

#1. World Series Heroes - Kirk Gibson

Battling the stomach virus, Kirk Gibson of the Los Angeles Dodgers was not expected to do much in Game One of the 1988 World Series. But in only his first at-bat in the game - Kirk pulled off a play that all kids dream about. Down 4-3, one man on base, bottom of the ninth, full count, facing the best pitcher. Kirk was then thrown a slider from Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland A's. The Result? Home Run, game over. The Dodgers ended up winning the World Series in seven games.

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