Art That Really Heals!

Feb 10, 2004

Justin was only 11 years old when he won the Design Your Own Bandage contest and now everyone is wearing his artwork.

Quiz! The Power of Color

Feb 10, 2004

Did you know some colors make you happy, sad or tired? Take this fun quiz and see how much you know about the power of color!

Ice Carving & Sculpting

Oct 29, 2003

Would you spend hours creating a masterpiece only to have it slowly disappear each minute? Duncan Hamilton does. Find out why!

William Shakespeare Biography

Oct 16, 2003

William Shakespeare has been dead for almost 400 years but he's still as famous as ever. He has written some of the best-known plays and poems in history, like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. Find out more about this legendary writer!

Johann Sebastian Bach Biography

Sep 22, 2003

Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the greatest known musical composers of the 20th century. Take a look at his biography to find out how Johann Sebastian Bach lived his life.

Shake It Up With Percussion Instruments

Jul 30, 2003

Percussion instruments are an important part of a song. Drums aren't the only way to add beats to your tune. Check out some of these cool percussion instruments that'll shake things up.

Frederic Chopin Biography

May 30, 2003

Do you know who the poet of the piano is? That'd be Frederic Chopin. They say he understood the piano better than anyone else.

Joe Average Biography

May 09, 2003

Joe Average is an artist and AIDS activist from Vancouver whose colorful paintings can light up any room!

Behind the Stick Figure

Mar 10, 2003

Kidzworld loves to get submissions from our members. Take a look at these cool animations done by Kidzworld member, thejedi21.

Quiz! Test Your Color Wheel Trivia

Feb 26, 2003

What's your favorite color? Is it a primary or secondary color? No idea what we're talking about? Find out by testing your color I.Q. right here!

Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

Feb 24, 2003

Some people say the greatest classical composer was deaf his entire life and that he died a poor man. They obviously don't know their Beethoven. You're not silly enough to believe them, are you?

Quiz! Test Your Art Smarts

Jan 14, 2003

Picasso, Degas, Cezanne... do any of these names sound familiar? No, they're not American Idol boy band wannabes. Think you know a Miro from a Monet. Take the quiz and test your Art Smarts.

Artist - George Pocheptsov

Jan 06, 2003

He's only eight years old and people are already comparing him to Picasso. George Pocheptsov sold his first painting when he was three. Now his paintings are going for over $20,000 each.

Artist - Charles Schulz, Creator of Peanuts Unshelled

Dec 16, 2002

Everyone knows Charlie Brown is a good man, but what about his creator? Charles Schulz, who didn't name his main character after himself, always knew he was going to be a daily comic strip artist.

The Evolution of Photography

Nov 09, 2002

Peeps today often take it for granted that they can run to the drugstore and pick up a disposable camera for whichever event they would like to capture on film. But it wasn't always this easy.

Artist - Make-Up King Rick Baker

Nov 02, 2002

You might not know his face but you've seen his work. Rick Baker is one of the most talented and well-known makeup artists. You can see his work in movie like Men in Black and The Grinch.

Art or Just Plain Crap?

Oct 19, 2002

Art challenges us to search our souls and minds by creating welcome (and not so welcome,) debate among our peers. But should we ever draw the line on offensive art? Kidzworld is letting you decide!

Poster Boy Bob Masse

Oct 12, 2002

Looking for the perfect poster of your fave band? Check out Bob Masse

Artist - Andy Warhol Biography

Oct 03, 2002

Whether it's famous faces or Campbell soup cans, his colorful ink images are easily recognized and treasured. But did ya know that Andy also did films which are now classics?

Art Inspired by September 11th

Sep 28, 2002

Many people are outraged about Eric Fischl's controversial sculpture Tumbling Woman. The piece of art depicts a naked woman falling and is supposed to represent those that fell or jumped from the Trade Towers on September 11, 2001.

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