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How To Train Your Dragon Book Review

Before Hiccup was a brave Viking warrior, before he was known as the Dragon Whisperer, he was a bit ... chicken. How To Train Your Dragon is a hilario... read more
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The Clone Codes Book Review

In year 2170, history repeats itself. You’d think the future would bring happiness and freedom for all. But sometimes lessons learned are forgotten. K... read more
By Rachel Ward

Num8ers Book Review

What would you do if, just by looking into someone’s eyes, you could see the date they will die? Would you try to save them? Try to cheat death? But w... read more
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The 39 Clues #7: The Viper’s Nest Book Review

Last time Peter Lerangis had control of the 39 Clues, he brought us to Japan in The Sword Thief. Now, four books later, he is back in the driver’s sea... read more
Keys to the Kingdom

The Keys to the Kingdom: Superior Saturday Book Review

Superior Saturday is the sixth book in The Keys to the Kingdom series, a popular sci-fi/fantasy series by Garth Nix. Check it out!... read more
Children of the Lamp

Children of the Lamp #5: Eye of the Forest Book Review

In book 5 of the Children of the Lamp series, twins John and Philippa Gaunt travel to the Amazon Jungle in search of an ancient, magical doorway. Kidz... read more

The Unicorn Chronicles #3 :: Dark Whispers Book Review

In Dark Whispers, book 3 of The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville, Cara sets out on a mission to uncover the reason for the everlasting feud between... read more

Green Reads: Book Reviews For St. Patrick’s Day

Ever feel like celebrating a special day or holiday with a really great book? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day 2010, we’re reviewing some “Green” books t... read more

Possessed Book Review

Sometimes the past won’t stay buried. In Possessed by Kate Cann, the haunting history of Morton’s Keep estate resurfaces. And sixteen year old Rayne i... read more

The Demon King Book Review

Cinda Williams Chima, author of The Heir series, has done it again! Her novel The Demon King is the first in her latest fantastic trilogy.... read more

The Fire Eternal Book Review

The fourth book in the Last Dragon Chronicles is finally here. Kidzworld reviews Chris D’Lacey’s fiery new novel The Fire Eternal. ... read more

The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus #3: Resurrection Fields Book Review

In The Resurrection Fields, Brian Keaney ends his fantasy/horror trilogy, The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus. Take a look!... read more

Magic Tree House #43: Leprechaun In Late Winter Book Review

Jack and Annie are on another mission to convince young artists to use their talents to bring joy to the world. This time they travel to Ireland, year... read more

Scurvy Goonda Book Review

14 year old Ted Merritt is tired of his imaginary friend, Scurvy Goonda. But getting rid of Scurvy could mean the destruction of the entire race of im... read more

The Keys To The Kingdom: Lord Sunday :: Book Review

The Keys To The Kingdom: Lord Sunday is the seventh and last book in an amazing series by Garth Nix, who took the simplest concept – the seven ... read more

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"You are my angel"  My name is ashley I am 17 year old emo who wants to share he's love story when it went well and when it went wrong. Welcome to my story  I was walking to school with my black crouches and then I suddenly stumbled in front of a boy called ashes had long hair, lots of make-up, had snake and shark bites in his mouth and had lots of dark clothing. ash was the most handsome guy I have ever meat my life. Ash saw me and said to me "hun are you okay" i said to him "I am good thanks" we carried on walking in the opposite way. When I went to school I kept day dreaming of ash's handsome face. That afternoon i was walking form school It was raining so I stayed to the path, suddenly I stumbled across a rock, I fell flat on my face. I felt somebody grab my hand, it was ash. Ash said to me again "are you okay sweetie" I said "yes" and then ash was about to walk off I said "hey wait up" I walked very fast to chase him. But it was to wet, however he saw me and stopped.the rain was pouring" ash looked at me and I said "thanks mate. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ashley. What is your name(?) are you studying or working. He said he's  name is ash I am currently studying at collage. I am also at collage. He asked me if you would like to meet up at collage and have a coffee? I replied that would be fantastic.so we walked back to his house in the, pouring rain Ash said to me "what music are you into" I said "I love metal and rock" I said to him randomly really like your snake and shark bites. He replied with a "thank you" during the time of our conversation, Ash said to me "you seem a little shy" I said to him that "I am a very shy person" as I got to know him, my confidents started to grow. The conversation with ash was far from boring. We could chat for hours but there was not enough time in the day, so we said our goodbyes. A couple of weeks went past. I was out walking my dog. Then I bumped into ash. He also had a dog called ted. So we walked together and we chatted for hours. not noticing the time. I had left the dogs food on. ash and me rushed to my house and we saw the house, but it was to late.... The house had already caught fire and there was nobody on the departed street that I lived in. About 20 mins later the house blew up with a massive bang. I say on pavement felling really depressed. ash said to me "hun do you fancy coming to my home" I said yes and I walked with my crouches. We walked up the road and ash said to me. "I fell really sorry for you sweetie" "he said" I said "it's okay sweetie" I also said "bad things happen in life it's a matter of how you and react to it." ash said in a very inspired voice "that's very true" he stated jokingly "do you have anymore quotes like that." we carried on walking down the departed and empty street holding hands. Ash and me were walking very slowly, to his house he suddenly noticed me crying, and then he put my *arm around my neck*, we made it to his massive home. We knocked on the creaking door. and he opens the door for me. I walked in very slowly, he walked inside with me. I kissed his check and walked very slowly in with him, he hugged me back and the i whispered "I love you" and he whispered back "thanks" we walked though a narrow door. And long twisted stairs. Ash carried down the stairs and he kissed my check. He said to me "I was the most beautiful girl to ever enter this world. "I blushed and said "thanks so much babe" I kissed him again hugged he's really tough body, we finally made it down the stairs and walked into the bedroom. And he told me to sit down on the king sized bed that he had. He kissed me on my cold checks and said your such an sweetie, I looked at him blushing really hard and I said "your such a sweetie" next we switched on the tv that was sitting by a massive window, (the window was open so that I could get some fresh air.) ash said to me "what's your dream when you get older" I though for a moment to work my response. I said "I always wanted to settle down, have kids and get married" then I asked him how about yourself." "He said the same thing as me" a couple of seconds passed as I begin to notice that ash was slowly falling in love with me. He said to me "do you want to meet my parents" (he just randomly asked me.) "I said yeah" *nods* we walked but up the stairs. slowly and carefully.  We just made it up the stairs when there parents had just came in from the nightclub. Ash's mum was wearing black boots, black jeans and a green day t-shirt and the dad was wearing black jeans, black hoodie, black boots and a bloodbath shirt. They looked at me with a sweet smile, I used my crouches to guide me to them. They said to me. "Hi there how are you, and do you know where ash is(?.) I nodded and said 'yeah' he's just coming up the stairs. Then they said to me, what's your name? I looked at the, and replied with "Ashley" is my name. The dad walked over to me, I looked very nervously at him. And he asked me "are you ash friend or girlfriend." I was just about to respond with ash came over and said, "hey mum and dad""they said hello back" next a very wounded and tired ash replied with. "That's my best friend" just incase you were wondering. that's cool and the parents asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner, I said "before I do I am a veggie if that's okay." The parents said "that's fine" so ash's parents walked into the kitchen and I followed them slowly behind. I tapped the mum on the shoulder and said. "Excuse me really gently"and she responded with "can I help you ashley" "I said where's the toilet" "it's on the right by the ash's bedroom" *I walked into the toilet very slowly* and then I came out and saw ash standing by it he said "sorry about my parents they are really crazy" I said that's cool"  I said "I never knew my parents" they died when I was young. But I won't go into details. a few hours later I walked into the kitchen and waited for dinner. The dad came up to me and said to me, "you know I never cooked before the wife cooks at the time lol" I *giggled* and said " this may seem a little odd but can I possibly stay here the night, the thing is my house got burned down and I have nowhere to stay I understand if not" the dad looked at me and said " Yeah Sure it's like a sleep over" I *giggled again*.moments late ash walked into the kitchen and grabbed hold of me. And said to me "who's a little cutie then he went down to he's knees and said you look fantastic." he *picked me up*and put me onto the sofa I stared to smile *smiles at ash.* about an hour later dinner was ready. I sat down on a wooden chair. I asked the mum and dad there names. The dad said that his Name was Nick and the mum said her name was Debbie I said "that's cool nice to me meet you I said *shakes hands* I ate my dinner which was stuffed peppers with lots of veggies. I smiled and quickly kissed ash's hand. He *blushed* then Debbie said "so Ashley what hobbies do you have" *I looked over at her* *moving my hair from my face* "I am studying at collage and I sometimes play music, I used to be a drummer and a singer and do many more things" the mum says that really cool. A few more hours passed I was getting ready for bed, the ash came up behind me and said "hey you" I whispered back"hey baby In a really gentle voice" "I love you sweetie."A few more hours passed, me and ash were in bed talking.he said to me "ashley" I looked over at him and said "what's up babe" *ash started to cry*, and I looked over *very worried* it was like ash has lost the power to breath, I heard him scream in agony. I got so worried that I I shouted for his parents to come down. They rushed down the stairs and saw ash laying down in pain. Tears be gain to fall from my eyes, I though my baby boy was going to die. I saw he's bright blue eyes start to open. I looked into them. He said to me "Ashley I am going to be okay I promise"My heart was in mouth as we rushed off into to the car, to get to the hospital we drove for 2.5 miles down the dark and narrow roads and lanes. We Finally made it to the big hospital. A doctor came  and directed into the emergency room. We got told to wait outside while the doctors carried him away into the operating room. Ash's Mum and dad started to cry, meanwhile sneaked in to the room where ash laid silently. I sat silently by his bedside  I touched his freezing cold hand. Then suddenly I saw his eyes very gently open, he looked at me with a smile and said to me "Ashley" I responded by saying. "Yes babe" he said i. A weak voice "I love you" "your my angel" I whispered to him softly " I swear to you your going to be okay", as I walked out I heard ash's voice whisper gently, "I want to see my parents" I looked at him and said okay, by this time the doctor came in and said I had to get out. so I walked out slowly and said " I love you babe" he said I love you back" i *smiled* then he *smiled* back I walked back to his parents. We saw a nurse and asked her "what's the matter with ash, the nurse said he's got cancer. I looked at the nurse very *surprised* the. I whispered "why did ash never tell me....." *The parents looked at me* *very concerned* i said in a very angry voice "WHY" "I screamed" then I walked out of the hospital doors and sat down crying on the floor. All of a sudden a nurse came up to me very slowly. And said to me in a soft voice, "are you okay sweetie" her name was kelly. I looked up at kelly and said "to be perfectly honest with you I don't know" *she looked over very confused* I shut my eyes and more tears come out of them. She said to me "what's the matter again" I said in a weak voice my boyfriend has cancer. I look at the ground, kelly said omg I am so sorry, then a little while after that ash's parents drove me home, I waved at Kelly and she waved back. We drove home it is so tense. Debbie said "hun are you okay" I looked at her and said "im okay" she smiled and I did the same. We Finally made it home.i got out of the car and walked to the door Nick got out of the car and unlocked he door. I tent to the kitchen and made us all a drink. After that we all went to bed. A few hours later we heard the phone ring  i got hold of it and said  in a very tired voice "hello" the person said "hello I am Mrs Burke I am ash's doctor" I said in a very nervous voice. "Is there something wrong" she said "nope there nothing wrong I just wanted to check if you guys are okay" I said "we are fine thanks" she said "that's great" I said "thanks for worrying about us" she said "it's part of the job" I smiled and hung up. After I went to the bathroom, with a black notepad and a  black ink pen to write down and think about what has happened to me in the last couple of years. I kept reading what i wrote every time I put something down on the paper. I put the pen Into my mouth thinking of what else to write. after about 10 mins of thinking I started to draw a photograph.
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Santa is real 
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Santa Claus is not real. He was a God believed by the Vikings, but he doesn't exist. I don't want to spoil your childhood, but he is not real for your information. it is really fun pretending he is, but it's kind of creepy when you think about it. 
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CaptJolee posted in Debating:
( practically this is anyone of any age cause like oracle said people get too attached to this mobile devices and on one should be having a phone in any grade or school and i heard this alot in my last school as well ( " oh im just using it for studying purposes") first off why would any one have a phone during a test or something when they should be instead learning in it in actual class but i can also understand that since teachers make it so boring to listen that the students just go off into day dreaming ik cause i do it all the time during class
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Who is the main character in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye?
  • J.D. Salinger is the main character, it's autobiographical.
  • Holden Caulfield is the main character.
  • The main character goes by the name The Great Gatsby.
  • Justin Bieber is the main character.

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