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posts from the General forums

nounou123 posted in Say Anything:
how do you describe you personality as?  [s:p/1mkn]
reply 13 minutes
Fire667 posted in Debating:
"unicornsrule626" wrote: People can believe in God and not get questioned, but as soon as i say i believe the world is flat, i get 'attacked' (Too strong of a word...i mean it in the lightest sense of the word)   It makes no sense. I'm not narrow minded, paranoid, or narcissistic. Please, i'm pretty sure i know myself better than you do.   If the earth's a globe, great! If it's flat, great!   I might have a different view point of where we live, but i'm still a normal teenager. If after my brain matures i might change my view again. For now though, what i have found shows the earth is more flat than a ball. I said my opinion on this subject. I'm now going to go listen to some Shawn Mendes, watch some Max and Harvey, and hang out with my family.   *Smiles and waves* This statement will be directed at you but the exact use of this phrase angers me" Please, i'm pretty sure i know myself better than you do."  People spend their whole lives trying to get to know themselves. We have studies that classify almost every way of thinking in the world and how to analyze others. People can know you or your way of thinking better than you and some have a hard time accepting that.  Now as for what the forum is about. The questions itself are only believed and not even tried to be proven. You tell others that all they do is try to debunk your theory but your theory is just that. You throw out the only ways to prove your theory wrong. Math and science are incorruptible and have been said to be the language of the gods. It interprets and interacts with the world so well that we can predict things with it that humans themselves can't do without it. Making it the only proof you need to know the earth is spherical.  1. Time zones are definite proof 2. The ability to fly in one direction and end up in the same place is definite proof.  3. Even using a telescope to see other planets that are round is definite proof What proofs your theory? Nothing at all can prove it. The only reason people believe it is the theory itself was to discount everything that could prove it wrong. Your human senses can not determine for you whether the world is flat or not. 
reply about 1 hour
Akemi110 posted in Random:
Since Halloween is coming up, I'm wondering what everyone is dressing up as. I want to dress up as Katerina Petrova.
reply about 1 hour
popsyaune posted in Random:
this are nice qoutes and poems
reply about 1 hour
Who is the main character in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye?
  • J.D. Salinger is the main character, it's autobiographical.
  • Holden Caulfield is the main character.
  • The main character goes by the name The Great Gatsby.
  • Justin Bieber is the main character.

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