All About Assistance Dogs

Aug 27, 2010

Assistance Dogs are amazing; they help many different people in their daily lives! But it takes a lot of hard work and training to become an assistance dog – find out more and check out a really cool series of books that can help you learn more!

All About Allowance

Aug 08, 2010

Kidzworld has everything you need to know about allowance: how to save it, spend it and ask for more! Check it out!

Crazy for Carrots: Grow Your Own

Jul 21, 2010

There are tons of kinds of carrots. Wanna grow your own? Get seeds for multi-colored carrots that'll grow yellow, red, white and purple carrots! Baby carrots are also super-easy to grow and ready to pick when they’re a bit longer than a finger!

Christian the Lion: The True Tale of a London Lion

Jun 09, 2010

There once was a furniture shop in London, England. It was filled with tables, desks, chairs and TV sets. But if you happened to look through the front window on a Sunday, you may have seen something rather odd: a lion. And it wasn’t stuffed!

Oil Spills: Sad But True

Jun 04, 2010

Imagine you’re a killer whale. You go to the ocean's surface to take a breath and see a large stream of black oil heading your way. You dive back down only to find other animals dying because of the oil. The cause: an oil spill.

World Oceans Day

Jun 04, 2010

June 8 is World Oceans Day in honor of our, magical, mysterious ocean! So much about our ocean is still unknown, but one thing’s for sure: our ocean’s in trouble. It’s time for us to get together and put an end to the destruction of our ocean!

2010 Envirothon: Student Q&A

Apr 28, 2010

Students from Chilliwack Secondary School will be attending the Canon Envirothon in California! Find out what these excited kids had to say about the Environthon!

Don’t Pester the Pigeons!

Apr 19, 2010

Imagine sitting in a park, picnicking with your pals, when all of a sudden people run right through your party and start chasing you! Pretty rude, right? But tons of people do this to pigeons and other birds. Here's why it’s wrong – and how to help.

Arctic Ice Loss

Apr 14, 2010

It’s all over the news: the Earth’s Arctic Region is losing more and more sea ice each and every year – here’s why.

Green Field Paper Company Review

Apr 12, 2010

Green Field Paper Company’s new line of 100% Junk Mail greeting cards, called the “Recycle Earth” collection, is perfect for saving the Earth and celebrating Earth Day!

The Animals of Africa

Mar 29, 2010

Africa is a huge continent that’s made up of many different habitats, including sand, rock, water and grass. Each of those habitats is the perfect place for all sorts of cool creatures to live. Get to know some of the awesome animals of Africa!

Why So Many Earthquakes?

Mar 08, 2010

First the ground shook in Haiti, then Chile, Turkey and now Japan. The earthquakes keep coming hard and fast, causing people to wonder if the world is coming to an end...

Crazy Ocean Critters

Feb 15, 2010

Our planet is filled with amazing animals and cool critters. Take the ocean. There are so many things to "see" in the "sea" - creatures of all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different behaviors. Check out some facts about some ocean animals.

Video: Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild) Loves

Jan 27, 2010

Bear Grylls, star of the Man Vs. Wild TV show, supports RARE ( and recently taped a message for the conservation agency.

Haiti Earthquake: How Kids Can Help

Jan 15, 2010

On January 12 Haiti, was rocked by a major earthquake that measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale. With tens of thousands of people dead and millions more injured and homeless, kids around the world are wondering what they can do to help.

Save Energy With Tinker Bell & Friends

Jan 11, 2010

So you’ve heard about global warming and want to start saving energy at home and in your day-to-day life? Tinker Bell[/kwlink], recently named the United Nations’ Green Ambassador and her fairy friends can help!

Introducing Yun Zi: The Cutest Panda Bear Cub Ever!

Jan 08, 2010

Yun Zi, the San Diego Zoo's five-month-old giant panda cub, was as cute as can be in his debut to the media on January 5, 2010. Check out the photos snapped of this cutie at the event!

Green Christmas

Dec 24, 2009

Each person in the U.S. makes 4 pounds of garbage per day! That number grows at Christmas when we eat and drink more and buy more cards and gifts! Here’s how to go green at Christmas!

The Magic School Bus Science Kits

Dec 14, 2009

Pick up these sweet science kits if you’re into learning about POLYMERS (aka slime, gel and goop) and going green!

Winter's Tale: How One Little Dolphin Learned To Swim Again

Nov 07, 2009

One winter morning off the coast of Florida a baby dolphin got caught in a crab trap, which strangled her tail. A fisherman saw she was in trouble and rescued her. But how could a dolphin survive without a tail? This is Winter's Tale.

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