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LEGO Click Awards Essay Contest

LEGO is holding an essay contest for kids called the LEGO CLICK Awards. Share your inventive ideas and have a chance at winning a $5,000 savings bond.... read more

Pacific Ocean’s Plastic Island

Floating in the waters of the North Pacific Ocean is one lasting human legacy we can’t be proud of at all – a giant floating island of garbage.... read more

Oodles Of Doodles

In case you haven’t heard of them or never seen one in real life, a “doodle” is a dog that has the poodle breed mixed with a second breed.... read more

Animal Duos That Make You Go Aww!

An elephant and a dog; a kitten and a crow; a turtle and a hippo – these are some of the oddest – and cutest – animal couples you ever did see!... read more

Top Texter

She’s only 14 but she’s the fastest texter in Canada. ... read more

Top 10 Strange Laws

The United States is a great country, built on a solid foundation of basic legal rights and responsibilities for every citizen. But among America’s ma... read more
H2O So You Know: Plastic Water Bottles: Really Bad For The Environment

H2O So You Know-Plastic Water Bottles: Bad For The Environment

We want all you kids out there to always remember to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. However, if you mainly drink your water out of plastic wa... read more
The Kids Guide To Global Warming

The Kids Guide To Global Warming

We are seeing change all over the world. Arctic sea ice is melting earlier and Glaciers are disappearing. Heat waves and storms are becoming more extr... read more

Taking Care Of Ducklings

If you’ve ever watched the show Friends, you probably remember that Chandler and Joey kept a chicken and a duck as pets in their New York apartment. N... read more

America – The Making Of A Nation :: From Sea To Shining Sea

When the first settlers arrived from Europe, they settled on the East Coast of America because it reminded them of home. But, if they thought everythi... read more

America – The Making Of A Nation :: U.S. Symbols

Many sayings, images, animals and even plants are highly symbolic of the United States of America. One of the most famous American symbols is a bird –... read more

Afghan Quakes

A huge cleanup is underway after two earthquakes shook eastern Afghanistan on Friday.... read more

Zoo Roo

Tijana is a baby kangaroo who is being looked after by zookeepers in the European country of Serbia after being abandoned by her mother.... read more

Sharing Shutdown

Four men who founded an online file-sharing website have been sentenced to a year in prison.... read more
Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Most of us have good intentions when it comes to the environment. But when Earth Day comes around, how many people actually do something special to ho... read more
Apr 12, 2016 | 51 comments

posts from the Random forums

PunMaster posted in Say Anything:
"welcome to alternate universes buddy." Papyrus shrugged. Blueberry seemed already used to multiple universes, and seemed to be more annoyed at his reaction, but shrugged. "Well, come with me then! Papyrus, you better have your puzzles reset by the time I'm back!!" "Sure bro." Blueberry then began speed walk guiding Iron around, chattering happily along the way about how he was trying to get into the royal guard, blah blah, normal stuff you'd expect undertale papyrus to be talking about, except when the lines were meant to be 'sans', because he was talking about his brother, it was instead 'papyrus'.  (PunMaster gently hugs Iron's Papyrus. "It's okay ;-;, I'm here for you." ) 
reply 29 minutes
((Iron's Papyrus takes PunMaster's spaghetti, smiling slightly before ducking his head. After a mumbled thanks, he remains silent, shifting on his feet.))
reply 37 minutes
((The Pale Walker forgives the Punmaster and also apologizes for her own attempts to multi-task. AKA: watching videos.)) I couldn't help it. I laughed in their faces. "This is all so ridiculous! Paps... is lazy? And I'm.... Wow, just wow... And is Alphys leader of the royal guard?" ​I can see why Punmaster wanted to send me here. This is... just amazing. ​"So, why don't you show me around? I didn't see much in Underfell, and I want to get the full experience from dimension-hopping."
reply 44 minutes
PunMaster posted in Say Anything:
(in the background PunMaster gives her thumbsup, then hands Iron's papyrus some spaghetti via her annon then leaves)  *Underswap Sans, or as nicknamed by many, many people, Blueberry, smiled, and shook his hand energetically. "I, am the magnificent Sans!" He said happily. "and that, is my lazy brother Papyrus...." He huffed. * (Punmaster asks forgiveness for taking so long to respond due to getting food) 
reply about 2 hours

How Long Have Ants Lived on Earth?

  • 100 million years.
  • 10 million years.
  • One million years.
  • One thousand years.

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