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Our World & Going Green

Crash Landing

On Friday, January 16, a plane crash landed in an icy river in New York. Amazingly, all the passengers on board survived.... read more

Deadly E-mail

A number of students from the same school were recently sent a scary fake e-mail from someone pretending to be a 16-year-old bully.... read more

Future First Dog

Over the weekend, Barack Obama announced that he, his wife and two daughters are hoping to expand their family soon.... read more

101 - 73 = 18 Dalmatians

A Dalmatian dog has broken a world record, recently giving birth to a litter of 18 puppies!... read more

Tiger Triplets

Although they were born a year ago, a zoo in Mexico is celebrating the first public appearance of three adorable Bengal tiger cubs.... read more
Wild Things: Big Cats

Wild Things: Big Cats

Kidzworld has put together tons of amazing information and photos on the world’s biggest cats! Read on to find out more...... read more
Wild Things: Cougars

Wild Things: Cougars

Cougars are also known as pumas, mountain lions and panthers. And no, they’re not pink!... read more
Wild Things: Cheetahs

Wild Things: Cheetahs

Cheetos made the cheetah famous. Find out more about this fast feline on Kidzworld!... read more
Wild Things: Tigers

Wild Things: Tigers

Which cat is bigger, a lion or a tiger? Find out on Kidzworld.... read more
Wild Things: Lions

Wild Things: Lions

Lions and tigers and bears… well, just lions for now! Lean all about Lions on Kidzworld!... read more
Wild Things: Leopards

Wild Things: Leopards

Leaping leopards! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about this big cat…... read more
Wild Things: Jaguars

Wild Things: Jaguars

Yes, it’s a famous (and pricey) brand of car, but Jaguars can also be found in the wild. Learn all about these animals on Kidzworld.... read more

Mummy, I'm Home!

The remains of a mummy thought to belong to a queen who ruled 4,300 years ago have been discovered in Egypt.... read more

Costa Rica Quake

A powerful earthquake hit Costa Rica in Central America, killing at least three and injuring many others.... read more

Man with a Plan

President-elect Barack Obama said that if U.S. Congress doesn’t do something to help fix the poor economic situation in America, the recession could l... read more

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DOMO142 posted in General:
reply 13 minutes
Melody864 posted in General:
To help you eat your food.Why do we get sick?
reply 35 minutes
Archlazer posted in New Users:
"BookWorm86" wrote:Hi, Brent! Welcome to KW! Thanks!
reply about 1 hour
Cuutiepie posted in Say Anything:
"dxkotx" wrote:I feel like is it really worth it. Like everyday I am sad and feel like dying but what for? I don't know. I am very depressed and it is hard to explain. People just don't understand. NO I am not being bullied. NO I am not being abused or anything. I just feel no like myself anymore. Kinda like I am done with life and all it has to offer because everything that it offers isn't good in my way of seeing things. I mean im not trying to be selfish and say "Oh everything has to be perfect" no i am not saying that. im saying that why does everything have to happen to me. one minute i will be okay then the next i am sad and depressed. it makes no sense. i lost everyone ive ever trusted and i lost everyone ive ever loved. and no they did not die. i just cant really talk to them anymore. i really miss my bestfriend who i cannot be friends with anymore and it sucks. it really does. should i just not trust anyone at all anymore? it seems like that. or maybe im just too stupid to see that no body likes me and i am annoying and totally oblivious to the fact that nobody really NEEDS me. why am i even here? my life is a series of everyone being better off if i was gone. and i have seen that. i have seen that expression in peoples faces. people have told me that but it used to not really faze me and now all of a sudden everything is hitting me like a truck. why though? i have not done anything wrong. idk. maybe things really will change and everyone could finally live their lives without me when im gone. anyways if you actually took the time to read this i thank you! have a good day! bye.
reply about 1 hour

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How Will You Spend Earth Day?

  • Plant flowers and trees.
  • Educate everyone about keeping our planet clean.
  • Watch movies about the outdoors and eat off recycled paper plates.
  • Clean up trash around my neighborhood.