How to Avoid Homework Stress

Aug 24, 2010

Does homework stress you out? Kidzworld has a few simple solutions to help you avoid or eliminate your homework stress.

HomeWork Box Review

Aug 23, 2010

While this cool new product from MOMS Made Easy, called a HomeWork Box, doesn’t magically guarantee you an “A” on your school assignments, it can make homework a whole lot less stressful!

What NOT To Do On Your First Day Of School

Aug 22, 2010

The first day of school is tough for everybody—new class, new teacher, new everything! Check out some basic no-nos you want to avoid on your first day in Kidzworld’s What NOT To Do On Your First Day Of School.

How To Make Your Teachers Like You

Aug 21, 2010

Find out how to impress your teachers from the get-go with these back-to-school tips. Kidzworld's got the scoop.

How to Get an A on Your School Poject

Aug 17, 2010

Want to know how to ace your school project? Well Kidzworld has the recipe that will make your teacher dish out the A's!

Twilight's Nikki Reed Does Good

Jun 21, 2010

More than 13 million kids can’t buy basic school supplies for back-to-school. and Staples are teaming up with actress Nikki Reed for the 3rd Annual National Staples/Do Something 101 School Supply Drive.

Black Holes 101

Apr 14, 2010

Black Holes aren’t just made-up stuff in sci-fi movies – they may actually exist! So what exactly are they – and what are the chances of you ever coming across one in your lifetime?

Aquafier Magnifying Lens Kit Review

Apr 07, 2010

The Aquafier Magnifying Lens Kit gives you a whole new way to build a one-of-a-kind magnifying glass using a few simple things: two large clear plastic fiber optic quality lenses, an oversized custom-made rubber band and WATER!

You're A Poet - You Just Don't Know It!

Mar 07, 2010

Ever feel like writing a poem? Poetry and writing are a natural part of our lives - a great way to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. You don't need to be a pro to write poetry! Check out our tips, below!

Static Electricity 101

Dec 29, 2009

Ever walked across the room to pet your dog and got a shock instead, taken off your hat on a dry winter day and had a "hair raising" experience or made a balloon stick to a wall by rubbing it on your clothes? It's not magic - it’s static electricity!

Braille & The Blind

Dec 28, 2009

Thanks to one brave teenager, a system of reading and writing is available to blind and partially blind people all over the world.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Bio

Dec 28, 2009

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, aka FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States.

Nellie Ross Bio

Dec 28, 2009

There’s another famous “Nellie” besides singer Nelly Furtado: Nellie Ross, who was the first woman to become a governor in the United States.

Science On A Garden Adventure Kit

Dec 14, 2009

Too cold to grow outside? Grow an indoor garden – and learn about science – with the Science On A Garden Adventure kit.

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight Book Review

Dec 02, 2009

Kidzworld takes a look at the 8th and final book in Jenny Nimmo’s amazing Charlie Bone series—Charlie Bone and the Red Knight.

Meet The Obamas: America's First Family

Nov 25, 2009

Ever wonder what President Obama and his family eat? Who works at the White House? What the president, first lady and their daughters do in their spare time? Whether there really is a bowling alley and movie theatre in the White House?

Science Fair Project Examples & Ideas: 2009

Nov 23, 2009

Stuck on a topic for your next science fair project? Kidzworld’s got the best ideas for projects that’ll knock the judges’ sicks off! Check them out!

Super Science Projects: Klutz Book Reviews

Nov 06, 2009

Klutz comes up with some SUPER books about SCIENCE (seriously, we’re impressed) that include everything you need to do explosive science, build a solar car, experiment with batteries, launch foam rockets and build LEGO projects!

Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Volcanoes

Nov 06, 2009

Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature, who's known to have some pretty bad days! Check out fun facts about volcanoes (+ the science behind them), a DIY experiment and other stuff to include in your project!

Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Tsunamis

Nov 06, 2009

Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature, who's known to have some pretty bad days! Check out fun facts about tsunamis (+ the science behind them), a DIY experiment and other stuff to include in your project!

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