Greek Mythology

Apr 12, 2005

In Greek mythology, harpies were hungry, dirty creatures who stole food, objects and even people. Wanna know more? Click here!

Discover Ireland: The Emerald Isle

Mar 16, 2005

Ireland is about more than leprechauns and Lucky Charms. Check out how cool the Emerald Isle really is.

Winter Vacation Spots

Dec 07, 2004

If you think the perfect winter vacation is living it up under the hot tropical sun then you don't get out much. Here are some really cool holiday ideas.

Tyrannosaurus Rex :: Dinosaur

Nov 17, 2004

T-Rex was 46 feet long and had seven-inch long teeth. When he catches his meal it takes only one bite from his massive jaws to snap their backbones.

Hispanic Culture and Heritage

Nov 05, 2004

Hispanic culture is about a heck of a lot more than tacos. Check out the 411 on this vibrant community!

US Elections 2004

Nov 04, 2004

George Bush has won a second term as President of the United States after a narrow victory in the 2004 election.

What Did Dinosaurs Really Look Like

Oct 14, 2004

If all we have left of dinos are fossils, how do we know what they looked like? Kidzworld investigates...

All About the Great Lakes

Sep 29, 2004

There are thousands of lakes in the world, so what makes these five the greatest? Read on to find out!

The World's Coolest Schools

Aug 25, 2004

Going back to school is a bit lame for most peeps but if you're lucky enough to attend one of these cool schools, you're set. Check 'em out.

Understanding Islam

Aug 20, 2004

Kidzworld is celebrating the month of Ramadan by taking a look at Islam -- the second-largest religion in the world, after Christianity. Check it out!

Dinosaur - Triceratops

Aug 04, 2004

The Triceratops dinosaur might have made a great pet. It was big but gentle, and it only ate greens. With large sharp horns on its head, Triceratops was mean looking, but Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't fooled!


Jul 28, 2004

Did you know the Olympics were originally part of a religious festival honoring Zeus? Get the 411 on the dude who started it all.

Quiz! Test Your Wacky Law Trivia

Jul 22, 2004

Some places outlaw pigs, others ban gum. Take this hilarious quiz and see how much you know about the world's craziest laws.

Travel :: New Zealand

Jul 19, 2004

New Zealand is a tiny country with more sheep than people so why is turning up in all your fave flicks? Read on to find out!

King Arthur's Court

Jul 12, 2004

There's no romance or magic in Keira Knightley's new movie, King Arthur. It's a realistic portrayal of Camelot, but what exactly is the real deal?

Top Five Water Parks to Check Out This Summer

Jun 16, 2004

It's gettin' hot in here! Cool off in the sizzling summer sun at the best water parks in North America.

Pledge of Allegiance Debate

Jun 15, 2004

Every morning, across the United States, millions of students recite the Pledge of Allegiance - and thanks to the Supreme Court, the tradition will continue.

Popular Summer Vacation Spots

Jun 03, 2004

Check out all the cool vacation spots you could go to this summer like the amusement park, the beach to sun tan or maybe even a summer camp!

The Trojan War

May 21, 2004

The story of Troy is more than a Brad Pitt movie; it's a Greek myth that dates back hundreds of years. Get the 411 here.

Russia: The World's Largest Nation

May 12, 2004

Russia has been in the news a lot since its conflict with Georgia (the country, not the state) began. Get the goods on the fascinating nation right here!

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