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El Chupacabra

It can change colors at will, has a hairy, reptilian body with spines all along its back and an obsession with blood. It’s time to lock up your ... read more
Statue of Liberty Fun Facts

Statue of Liberty Fun Facts

It's been over a hundred years since the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York and it's become an important part of American culture. But would you be... read more

Seven Wonders of the World - The Great Pyramid of Giza

It's over 4,500 years old but still holds some secrets. That could change in the next couple of days when scientists send in a robot to explore the la... read more

Travel - Get Dirty in the Amazon

See wildlife like caimans, birds, and red howling monkeys, while exploring the uncivilized land of flooded rainforest and winding rivers in the Amazon... read more

Fossils Discovered in Ontario, Canada

Fossils found in Ontario, Canada have scientists believing that marine life made its appearance on land tens of millions of years sooner than they fir... read more

Travel - Korea

Korea welcomed the 2002 World Cup to their country for the first ever co-hosting of the soccer championships on May 31st. Korea has come a long way si... read more

Chinese Foot Binding

Throughout history women have had to endure horrible things to be deemed beautiful. The ancient tradition of foot binding in China, however, takes th... read more

Travel - My Trip to Disneyland Paris

A trip to Disneyland Paris isn't all about the rides, tourists, attractions, meeting Mickey Mouse and getting autographs. One Kidzworld member tells u... read more

Women in History Who Suck

There are several women in history who suck. They haven't done us any favors and they've set us back in life. Kidzworld has put together five of them ... read more
History - The Queen Mum

History - The Queen Mum

The world lost a treasured member of the Royal Family this weekend. The Queen Mum passed away at the age of 101. Find out where she was born, how she ... read more

Temple of Artemis :: Seven Wonders of the World

Around 550 BC, a temple was built for the goddess Artemis. Lots of gods have had temples built for them but this temple was special. So special it eve... read more

Dumb Criminals - Dumbest Crooks

We all have those embarrassing moments we can laugh about now. These dumb criminals can't even look back and laugh. They thought they could get away w... read more

The Marquesas Islands

Although no Hollywood celebs call the Marquesas Islands their home, the cast of Survivor 4 is currently hunkered down on the biggest of the 12 Marques... read more

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GreenForest23 posted in General:
Gwen9 Boysrock50 Givex Gasol Atibha
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"FireWolfRain" wrote: "Armygirlfriend" wrote:A girl who loves a soldier with all her heart. I have Writer's Block and I don't have any good ideas,  but I'll try. I'm not good at romance.  THE OTHER ECLIPSE.  Cold hands clutched the old portrait.  Lying there on an acre of green grass at night,  it was dark without him to illuminate her world,  He was on the other side of the world, serving his country. Fighting with all his strength, she  knew that he was fighting for her freedom, many  other people's freedom and lives.    A soldier, he broke into  her heart and captured  it whole, making herself explode with happiness like a grenade when he held her hand and danced under the moon.     She gulped and looked up into the starry night without a moon. An eclipse.    Sitting there, heart pounding and mind swirling  with thoughts of him every single day. Wondering what was he doing without her, probably enduring heavy heat and a thousand bullets. Bullets that will never pierce his heart, because his heart is with mine.  Even if he wasn't thinking about her, she would  let him sit through it while she was sad, hoping  those long days would diminish and he could  come back home.  Let him sit through her eclipse.  (Ryos ft. Allisa Rose - Eclipse)  Because she knew that on the other side,  there was another eclipse.  Once those eclipses go away,  the full moon returns.  As well as he.  (Okay. That was really bad. Sorry.)  I love it! Thank you. 
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Nimsajeay posted in General:
They certainly wouldn't pick me! xD lolololol
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Jesse posted in General:
Goodluck to the both of you!
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