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Teen Titans Go! #18 | Exclusive Preview

Teen Titans Go! #18 | Exclusive Preview

Check out an exclusive preview of Teen Titans Go! #18 comic on Kidzworld!... read more
Oct 12, 2016 | 1 comment
Looney Tunes #233 | Exclusive Preview

Looney Tunes #233 | Exclusive Preview

Check out an exclusive preview of Looney Tunes #233 on Kidzworld!... read more
Oct 03, 2016 | post a comment
Kidzworld welcomes the wonderful month of April!

All About April

Now that April is here at last, hopefully you're starting to see sunshine and maybe even a flower or two popping out. Get ready to enjoy April!... read more
Apr 06, 2016 | 16 comments
Learn what your best studying music is with Kidzworld!

The Best Music for Studying

There are many arguments for listening to or not listening to music while studying. Now's your chance to learn all about it and find out what's best f... read more
Sep 03, 2016 | 33 comments
Take a look at some of the most amazing castles in Europe with Kidzworld!

Europe's Most Amazing Castles

Europe is filled with amazing castles, many of which are ancient and hold a rich and fascinating history. Keep reading on Kidzworld to learn more! ... read more
Mar 28, 2016 | 8 comments
Kidzworld learns all about delicious gummy bears!

The History of the Gummy Bear

There's nothing like a gummy bear when you're looking for a tasty, chewy, fruity, and cute snack! Did you know that the invention of gummy bears chang... read more
Mar 23, 2016 | 34 comments
Kidzworld checks out some great reasons to learn a new language!

Why to Learn a Foreign Language

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Well, now might be the time! There are lots of great benefits to to learning something new!... read more
Mar 20, 2016 | 25 comments
Learn all about good luck symbols with Kidzworld!

Symbols of Luck

Luck is a mysterious concept that has fascinated people all throughout human existence. Many people even believe that certain objects, animals, and na... read more
Mar 17, 2016 | 18 comments
Kidzworld learns all about the history of origami! Check it out!

The History of Origami

Ever wonder about the history of origami? Well, it turns out that this ancient art of paper-folding has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years! L... read more
Mar 16, 2016 | 10 comments
Find some poetic inspiration with Kidzworld!

Fun Poetry Projects

Looking for a new way to explore your creativity? You might be inspired by these artistic forms of poetry to make something new and fun!... read more
Mar 14, 2016 | 6 comments
Kidzworld checks out some fun facts about Ireland!

Ireland Fun Facts

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than to learn a little bit about beautiful Ireland? Check out some Ireland fun facts!... read more
Mar 13, 2016 | 3 comments
Learn all about the month of March with Kidzworld!

All About March

You probably know that the first day of spring is in March, and that we all have to set our clocks an hour ahead at some point, but there's a lot you ... read more
Mar 07, 2016 | 8 comments
Learn some leap year fun facts with Kidzworld!

Leap Year Fun Facts

2016 is a leap year, meaning we have an extra day in the form of February 29th. What is a leap year, though, and what fun facts can we learn about it?... read more
Feb 23, 2016 | 6 comments
Explore the wonder of cherry blossoms with Kidzworld!

All About Cherry Blossoms

You've probably seen cherry trees blooming in the spring time, but did you know that cherry blossoms are rich with cultural significance for people al... read more
Feb 22, 2016 | 13 comments
Check out the happiest places in the world with Kidzworld!

The World's Happiest Countries

Ever wonder what the happiest countries in the world are? Well, international experts have polled thousands of people in order to figure out where the... read more
Feb 16, 2016 | 17 comments

posts from the Random forums

tbhskylas posted in Say Anything:
I like someone if there loyal and kind and funny. Also if we are talking about what we like when were dating someone i like it if they give you one look and you know exactly what there thinking, if they have your back no matter what and if they love you through everything.
reply about 1 hour
Shadeleaf posted in Say Anything:
I admire the kind, loyal, protective, creative, mysterious people
reply about 1 hour
Shadeleaf posted in General:
(Yep I wanted to try your survey) 1. What's your name? Ashlee 2. How old are you? 14 3. What gender are you? Female 4. What gender[s] are you attracted to? Male 5. Who is your BFF on here? @PunMaster , and 6. Who is your least favorite person on here? Not many, honestly but main;y the trolls andcyber bullies 7. What's your main fandom? (Why not chose one?) Undertale, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, MLP 8. What's your main bandom? Ghost BC! I'm not into bandoms, honestly 9. What's your favorite thing to do on here? Roleplay 10. Would you rather spend a day in the chatroom, the forums, or the PMS? Forums and chat... but mostly forums :p 11. If you could be any rank of the KW staff, what would you be? Mod lol 12. What's your favorite color? Green, red, purple, sliver, black 13. What's your favorite chore? Chores? Nope not have a favorite 14. Who is your enemy in real life?  Nearly everyone i know except a few I can spare 15. Who is your BFF in real life? Madison (She's an Undertale fan) 16. Would you faint at the sight of blood? Nope 17. Do you have glasses? yep 18. What's your stereotype in school? Geek/ emo/ goth 19. Single, taken, or is it complicated? Complicated, honestly 20. Any siblings? 1, a sister 21. Any parents? both 22. Where would you rather live? On a ranch or on an island close to the coast of California? A rannch 23. You are home alone for the day, the chores are finished, homework is finished, and all your friend are free... What do you do? Play World of Warcraft, Listen to music (on my phone), and come on here 24. You are stranded on an island. Do you build shelter or search for food first? FOOD :p 25. What's your eye color? blue/ green 26. What's your hair color?  brown 27. What's your skin tone:  White... honestly but it turns red at times. 28. What's your lip color? normal 29. Do you play video games? If so, what's your favorite game and console? Undertale and World of Warcraft so... PC 30. Did you enjoy my quiz? Sure xD
reply about 1 hour
AlphaT posted in Debating:
"Nandez" wrote:Both candidates yes are not the best but Trump has no expirence in politics.  1. He is xenophobic and a racist ###### against other people exept for himself.  2. He has yet to pay 1 nickel in paying federal taxes because he avoids that by putting all of his money into his Swiss bank account. No wonder why he complains why it costs so much to move money over seas  3. He has not payed his workers the money that they asked for.  4. Most of his employees that work on his properties most likely are illegal immagents since he wants everything to be as cheap as possible. 5. He policies will only cause or anual debt to add an extra 5 trillion dollars total up to more than 25 trillion dollars in debt.  6. Mexico paying for the wall that's not going to happen. You can't force another country to pay for a wall because our immagration policies are not adaquite enough. That's a problem with our immagration policies not the border fence.  7. He made up a bunch of conspiracy theories about why Obama was not born in the United States or the fact that he caused 9/11 because he was a Muslim. We all know that these accounts are bullcrap.    He is just not qualified for the job in anyway for a multitude of reasons and this list can go on for ever. He has too many flaws in his ideas and wants to benfit off of the job as much as he can because he really only cares about himself not the people as a whole.  1. Based off of what?  2. He avoids paying federal taxes because of the U.S. Federal Tax System. You don't have to pay taxes on a loss. In other words, in our country, there are tax cuts for those who lose money. It's to make sure that the government doesn't extinguish a business just because it's fallen on hard times. Swiss bank accounts have nothing to do with it.  3. Correct. He's paid his workers the amount that they worked for. Employees don't get to decide their wages, they either accept the employer's offer or they don't take the job.  4. Can you prove that? Is there any study on the immigration status of Trump's employees?  5. His plan is to get rid of the very things which have raised it to 20 trillion in the first place. How could getting rid of the problem raise the national debt?  6. Of course you can force another country to pay for a wall. People from Mexico are coming to America, not the other way around. They are hurting us, we are not hurting them. It is their responsibility to pay for this, and they'll have to.  7. Oh, Donald Trump accused Obama of doing 9/11? I'd love to hear where you got that from. 
reply about 1 hour

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