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Celebrity Recap :: March 2008

Another month has come and gone in Hollywood aka Crazytown, USA. Kidzworld has your celebrity recap for March. ... read more

Sara Paxton Superhero Movie Interview

Sara Paxton stars in the new comedy Superhero Movie. Kidzworld had a chance to talk to this busy, young actress.... read more

Anton Yelchin Biography

Anton Yelchin made an impact in Alpha Dog and now stars in Charlie Bartlett. Kidzworld takes a closer look at this young actor.... read more

Freddie Highmore Biography

Freddie Highmore burst onto the scene as Peter in Finding Neverland, and now stars as twins in The Spiderwick Chronicles. Kidzworld takes a closer lo... read more

Celebrity Recap :: February 2008

Another month has come and gone in Hollywood, aka Crazytown, USA. Kidzworld has your celebrity recap for February.... read more

Qyeendom Interview

Qyeendom is an 11 year old rapper and KW Zone member who's had over 400 000 views on her myspace page. Kidzworld chatted with this up and c... read more
Black History Month

Black Entertainment History Timeline

February is Black History Month. Kidzworld takes a look at some important moments in Black Entertainment History.... read more

Ellen Page Biography

Ellen Page shot to superstar status in Juno. Kidzworld takes a closer look at this young, Oscar nominated actress.... read more

Celebrity Recap :: January 2008

2008 is a brand new year, but the stars are up to their old tricks. Kidzworld has your celebrity recap for January.... read more

Soulja Boy Biography

Soulja Boy rocked the club in 2007 with Crank That. Kidzworld has the scoop on what's next for this rap Superman.... read more

Celebrities with Diabetes

Diabetes can strike even the rich and famous. From Halle Berry to Nick Jonas, take a look at which celebrities suffer from this illness.... read more

Peyton List Interview (pg.2)

Peyton List is making her big screen debut in the movie 27 Dresses. Kidzworld talks to the up-and-coming actress. - Page 2... read more

posts from the Entertainment forums

drowning posted in Movies:
The Iron Giant was way too advanced in some ways to be a child's movie, yet it was.
reply 14 minutes
Tomboy03 posted in TV Shows:
SPOILERS! if you haven't watched episode 22 yet there will be spoilers! I love agents of shield. I just watched episode 22. i cried when Lincoln died and I was kinda hopin that somehow ward would still be alive and they could get hive out of him.
reply about 7 hours
I would live in The Outsiders because it's a classic book. I would love to go on adventures with the gang and read books and watch movies with Ponyboy. (Because I too always believed I was the only one who enjoyed them.) I would love to open up to Johnny because he is such a kind hearted soul.
reply about 10 hours
aaliya posted in Movies:
reply about 11 hours
Whose new daughter is named “Harper Seven”?
  • David & Victoria Beckham
  • Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  • Nicole Richie & Joel Madden

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