Top Ten Simple Life Moments

Mar 14, 2006

Paris and Nicole take on the working world in The Simple Life: Interns, now on DVD. Check out their funniest TV moments.

America's Next Top Model Predictions - Season 6

Mar 08, 2006

Thirteen new hopefuls are fighting for the top spot in ANTM! Check out Kidzworld's predictions right here.

Wildfire TV Show Facts

Mar 02, 2006

Looking for a new show to add to your weekly viewing lineup? Why not tune into the ABC Family drama, Wildfire? Get the 411 here!

Quiz! Test Your Unfabulous Trivia

Feb 22, 2006

Are you a fabulous fan of Emma Roberts' TV show, Unfabulous? Well get ready to test your trivia with this free, online quiz!

Top 12 American Idol Predictions - Season 5

Feb 17, 2006

The long list has narrowed to 24 - will it be Paris Bennett? Ace Young? Kellie Pickler? Check out our top 12 picks!

Quiz! Name That TV Theme Song

Feb 01, 2006

You sing along with them, but do you know which theme songs belong to which shows? Test your know-how right here!

Beauty and the Geek TV Show Facts

Jan 26, 2006

What happens when you throw beautiful babes together with socially-awkward nerds? Find out on Beauty and the Geek!

Quiz! Which American Idol Judge Are You?

Jan 18, 2006

Are you nasty like Simon or crazy like Paula? Find out which American Idol judge you're most like with this quiz!

American Idol TV Show Facts

Jan 11, 2006

Both talented and talentless contestants face Simon, Paula and Randy in hopes of becoming the next undiscovered singer in America!

Boy Meets World TV Show Facts

Jan 10, 2006

Get re-introduced to Cory Matthews and the gang with the fourth season of Boy Meets World - now on DVD!

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta TV Show Facts

Jan 04, 2006

In the future, aliens are livin' on Earth and the Power Rangers have even more foes to battle! Get the show info here.

Quiz! Name That TV Show!

Dec 28, 2005

Is fall your fave season simply because of all the new TV shows? Are you a TV addict? Then, put down the remote and take this quiz!

MTV Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica Quotes!

Dec 13, 2005

The second and third seasons of Newlyweds are finally available to own on DVD. Get the goods on your fave reality TV show.

That's So Raven - Raven's House Party DVD Review

Dec 07, 2005

Raven has more than her fair share of comic disasters in Disney's latest DVD release, Raven's House Party.

Even Stevens TV Show Facts

Nov 16, 2005

Shia LaBeouf stars as Louis, the youngest kid of an overachieving family who's always got something up his sleeve! Get the facts on the show here.

Friends - Classic Quotes

Nov 15, 2005

Your favorite pals are back with the release of the tenth season of Friends on DVD. Check out some funny one-liners here!

Lizzie McGuire TV Show Facts

Nov 10, 2005

Start from the very beginning of Lizzy McGuire with the first 22 episodes of the series on DVD. We've got the facts on the show right here!

Quiz! Test Your O.C. I.Q.

Nov 08, 2005

Addicted to the The O.C.? Test your Orange County smarts and find out how much you really know about this hot, teen drama!

Phil of the Future - Gadgets & Gizmos DVD Review

Nov 03, 2005

Catch some of your favorite Phil of the Future episodes on the new DVD Gadgets and Gizmos. We review it right here!

Quiz! Stars Hollow Trivia

Oct 25, 2005

Been following the Gilmore Girls since the days of Chilton or are you a new fan? Find out how much you really know about Stars Hollow with this quiz!

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Quiz! Which O.C. Character Are You?

What is your fave thing to do after school?
  • I have an after school job.
  • I like to skateboard or play video games.
  • I like to go to the mall and shop 'til I drop!
  • I am in a ton of groups at school: social club, cheerleading, debate team, etc. - so there is always a meeting to attend.