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Bye Bye Reruns

New episodes of our fave shows are on their way. It's hard to believe. The WB has had so many of repeats Buffy, Angel and Roswellread more

Survivor Flashback

It's summer. TV is rerun central. Then along comes a show about a bunch of people stuck on an island, eating rats and voting each other off for a mi... read more

Survivor Episode 9

Ding-dong the witch is dead! This was the episode that everyone was waiting for. Just when you thought Elisabeth was dead in the water - Ogakor broke ... read more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vampire History

Buffy has slayed tons of blood sucking vamps through the years but there are some undead dudes, who she just can't (or won't) turn to dust. Find out w... read more

73rd Annual Oscars

Find out which very happy actors got to bring everyone's favorite golden, bald boy - known as Oscar - home with them. And more importantly, what the... read more

America's Next Top Model Predictions (pg. 2)

Find out who Kidzworld ranks as number one in America's Next Top Model! Page 2.... read more

Survivor Recap Episode

Missed an episode of Survivor? Well, it’s reality recap time! There’s also tons of never-before-seen footage. Did you know Jerri s... read more

Survivor Episode 8

Alicia's out and Jerri's in trouble. What made Colby lie to his own tribe and nearly whack Keith with a boomerang? Survivor 8, the Barrimundi honeymoo... read more

The Simpsons Bye Bye Nerdie

What are the Simpsons up to now? Berserk bullies, amazing science, super-baby safety and Maggie goes gun-happy with a nailgun. Are you ready for somet... read more

Survivor Episode 7

Another week, another one bites the dust. This time it's Jeff who gets the boot in a vote that goes right down to the wire. The two tribes may have jo... read more

Ten Seasons of Survivor (pg. 2)

Check out Kidzworld's rating of Survivor's first nine seasons! - Page 2... read more

The Simpsons - Hungry Hungry Homer

Homer has a change of heart, helps his fellow man and ends up on the wrong end of the Duff Empire. Homer vs. Duff, will Homer's hunger strike prevail ... read more

Survivor - Episode 6

We all knew - cuz of previews - that someone was gonna go down this time, and not in some silly challenge. Was your bet on Mike and a Croc? Well the ... read more

posts from the Entertainment forums

veronica_7 posted in TV Shows:
Can’t wait for season 4
reply about 5 hours
_YoungOwl_ posted in Movies:
Heath Ledger > Cesar Romero > Jack Nicholson > Mark Hamill > Jared Leto .
reply about 5 hours
_YoungOwl_ posted in Movies:
"FeatherQueen" wrote: 1.Penny wise 2.penny wise 3.penny wise Girl are you kidding me? He's a stupid clown from IT ! XD The post is about DC's Joker ._. !
reply about 5 hours
_YoungOwl_ posted in Movies:
I have never watched them tbh.
reply about 6 hours
What was the first 3D animated feature film?
  • Toy Story
  • Aladdin
  • The Iron Giant
  • A Bug's Life

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