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Walkthroughs, Tutorials and Game Cheats for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U

Sonic Chaos: Bosses :: WiiWare Walkthrough

Here are some tips and cheats for beating this classic Sonic game rereleased on the Wii Virtual Console.... read more

Sonic Chaos: Special Stage :: WiiWare Walkthrough

Here are some tips and secrets for beating this classic Sonic game rereleased on the Wii Virtual Console.... read more

Animal Crossing: City Folk Winter Fishing Guide

Fishing is the quickest, easiest way to make money in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and here's a guide to all the fish you can catch in your town this w... read more

Disney's Sing It Cheats

It’s nearly time to rock out with Disney’s Sing It from Disney Interactive Studios! Soon you’ll be singing along with your favorite stars on your favo... read more

Lego Batman Xbox 360 Game Cheats

Lego Batman for Xbox 360 cheats and achievements - get the latest details, information, and updates. Check it!... read more

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Xbox 360 Game Cheats

The Star Wars saga continues in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. You are Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice! Check out the game cheat... read more

Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise Cheats

Return to Piñata Island in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, and stop Professor Pester from ruining all the parties around the wo... read more

Too Human :: Xbox 360 Game Cheats

The long awaited action RPG Too Human finally released on next-gen Xbox 360. Check out these cheats for the new mythology based sci-fi g... read more

Madden NFL 09 :: Xbox 360 Game Cheats

See what all the hype is about with the brand new, critically acclaimed Madden NFL 09. It's hitting all consoles in a full-out blitz celebratin... read more

Smash Court Tennis 3 Cheat Street

Take on the best tennis players in the world in Smash Court Tennis 3 for the Xbox 360. Pit a custom character against the pros with a hu... read more

Soulcaliber IV Game Cheats

Yoda, Darth Vader and a secret apprentice join the entire cast of Soulcaliber 4 in the latest version of this world popular fighting gam... read more

Kung Fu Panda :: Xbox 360 Game Cheats Part II

Pay attention Dragon Warrior! We've got new deets and cheats for Kung Fu Panda! Check it!... read more

Space Chimps Game Cheats

Check out these Xbox Live achievements for the new Space Chimps game. ... read more

Hail to the Chimp :: Game Cheats

The fight is on to be the president of the animals; check out the cheats and achievements for Gamecock Media's new title "Hail to the Chimp"... read more

Guitar Hero On Tour :: Nintendo DS Game Cheats

For those about to rock! Activision's Guitar Hero: On Tour game challenges you and your friends to battling big riffs on the Nintendo DS... read more

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Abbergrl posted in Forum Games:
Banned for ending the silence. XD
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Abbergrl posted in Forum Games:
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No. I rarely cry, let alone turn into an elephant. But I wouldn't mind becoming one for a few minutes "to see what it's like".
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Banned because nobody posted here in hours.
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