Pokemon Dash for Nintendo DS - Video Game Preview!

Mar 10, 2005

Pikachu is hitting the Nintendo DS at top-speed in the new Pokemon Dash racing game. Here's the 411 on this game!

Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Expansion Set News

Mar 10, 2005

The Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie is coming and so are the Star Wars Miniatures! Here's the 411.

Here's the 411 on the New Sony PSP - The Playstation Portable!

Mar 04, 2005

It dropped March 24, but what does it do? Here's the scoop on the new handheld entertainment system from Sony!

LEGO Star Wars Video Game Preview Movie Free Download

Feb 19, 2005

The LEGO Star Wars video game is coming! Download this free movie preview of the Star Wars video game action.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Dueling Video Game is Coming!

Feb 18, 2005

Want to duel against other Yu-Gi-Oh! players online? Check out this info on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online video game!

Neopets Trading Card Game: Curse of Maraqua Sneak Peek 5

Feb 16, 2005

It's chaos in Neopia as the Curse of Maraqua expansion set for the Neopets TCG arrives! Here's our sneak peek.

Game News: 2005, 02, 06-12

Feb 10, 2005

Star Fox returns to save the day and give you a chance to fly in a real US Fighter Jet. Get the 411 on how to enter to win!

LEGO Star Wars the Video Game PS2, Xbox, PC & GBA Preview 2!

Feb 09, 2005

We have another preview of the Jedi and Sith of Star Wars on the PS2, Xbox, PC and GBA in a LEGO video game!

The Sims 2 University PC Video Game Expansion From EA!

Jan 07, 2005

The Sims 2 is getting bigger! Now your Sim can go to university and study hard, or party like crazy! Here's the video game 411.

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach vs the NBA in NBA Street V3!

Jan 06, 2005

Nintendo's biggest stars are takin' on the NBA's hottest players in EA's NBA Street V3. Get the video game scoop here!

Neopets Trading Card Game: Curse of Maraqua :: Sneak Peek 1

Jan 05, 2005

Something is happening in the Neopets Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast. Get the scoop with this sneak peek!

Neopets Trading Card Game: Curse of Maraqua Sneak Peek 2

Jan 04, 2005

Want to see the future of Neopia? Check out our sneak peek of the Neopets TCG Curse of Maraqua expansion set!

Neopets Trading Card Game: Curse of Maraqua Sneak Peek 3

Jan 02, 2005

We uncover hidden Neopian treasure in our sneak peek of the Neopets TCG Curse of Maraqua expansion set!

Neopets Trading Card Game: Curse of Maraqua Sneak Peek 4

Jan 02, 2005

There's a new Neopet on the loose in the Neopets Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast, find it here first!

Kidzworld's Top Unplugged Games of 2004

Dec 30, 2004

From Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to board games or miniature strategy games, Gary plays 'em all. Check out his list of the coolest un-plugged games of 2004!

Gen Con So Cal 2003 Game News Wrap-up

Dec 18, 2004

Get the scoop on the coolest new games from Gen Con So Cal! There's Marvel, Duel Masters, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Neopets, Magic and more!

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Shonen Jump Convention Championship!

Dec 11, 2004

Gen Con So Cal hosted a big Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament and one lucky duelist won big! Get the card game 411 here.

Game News: 2004, 12, 05-11

Dec 09, 2004

Was your PS2 Memory Card wiped by the Holiday 2004 Demo Disc? Sony is apologizing with free games! Here's the 411.

Gen Con So Cal 2004 - Card Game Tournaments and Prizes!

Dec 03, 2004

Bring your dueling skills and cards to the Gen Con So Cal game convention for a chance to win big! Here's how.

Star Wars Miniatures Clone Strike Expansion Sneak Peek 7!

Nov 26, 2004

We have a final sneak peek at a ton of figs from the Star Wars Miniatures Clone Strike set. Such as Anakin Skywalker!

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