Dragon Ball Z & GT Video Game and Card Game Previews (pg. 4)

Jul 06, 2003

The DBZ warriors are busy this year with more video games, trading cards, tournaments and more. Get the info here!

GBA Colors, 007 Voices and Free Game Stuff!

Jul 02, 2003

Free stuff for the Gamecube, new colors for the GBA and celebrity voices for the James Bond video game. Gary's got the 411 here!

Nintendo Drops Gamecube Price

Jun 09, 2003

Nintendo has big news for Canadian gamers! The Gamecube just got cooler cuz the price is dropping. Get the 411 right here!

Dragon Ball Z & GT Video Game and Card Game Previews (pg. 2)

Jun 06, 2003

The DBZ warriors are busy this year with more video games, trading cards, tournaments and more. Get the info here!

Video Game Summer Camp

Jun 05, 2003

Want to spend your summer playing and designing, video games? Gary's got the 411 on a totally cool summer camp for gamers!

Duel Masters Sempai Legends GBA Video Game Preview

May 27, 2003

In Japan, it's hotter than Yu-Gi-Oh! In North America, it's still invading. Get the 411 on the Duel Masters GBA game here!

E3 2003 Video Game Expo Wrap-Up

May 21, 2003

Which console had a price drop? Which new games rock and which ones suck? Gary's got the E3 Game Expo wrap-up info here!

Pokemon Cartoon Episodes on Majesco's GBA Video Player!

May 20, 2003

Good news for Nintendo Game-boy owners! The Pokemon TV show is coming to your GBA. Get the details right here.

E3 2003 Game Expo - Videogame Previews!

May 14, 2003

Get the latest game news for the Playstation 2, Gameboy, Xbox, Gamecube and PC with Kidzworld's coverage of the E3 Game Expo!

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Game

May 07, 2003

If you dig Harry Potter then hang on to your brooms! EA is putting you on the Quidditch field with their upcoming video game.

Duel Masters Action Figures and Prizes

May 05, 2003

Duel Masters monsters are invading with cards, comics, a TV show, video games and more. Catch the 411 right here!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game Mall Tour

Apr 30, 2003

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Mall Tour is traveling across North America and bringing cool Yu-Gi-Oh! activities with it. Check out the 411 here!

Sims Superstar PC Game Preview

Apr 23, 2003

Are you a Sim video game junkie? Get the 411 on The Sims Superstar expansion from EA and find out how to be a virtual star!

SpongeBob SquarePants and The Hulk Cards!

Apr 16, 2003

SpongeBob SquarePants is playin' card games and The Hulk is just sitting on his green butt. Find out what's up, right here!

Incredible Hulk :: Game Review

Apr 09, 2003

The Hulk is coming to the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Gameboy Advance! Gary's got the 411 on the Hulk movie games!

Quiz! Test Your DBZ Power Level!

Mar 31, 2003

Are you a Super Saiyan? Take this Dragon Ball Z power level quiz and see if you're as strong as Goku, Piccolo or even Frieza!

Got Gamecube? Get One Soon!

Mar 20, 2003

When does the Nintendo Gamecube and free game deal end? Find out! Plus, info on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and the Legend of Zelda.

Dragon Ball Z and Futurama Game News

Mar 14, 2003

A classic Dragon Ball Z game is comin' to town and Futurama lives on in video games! Get the 411 on these, and more, right here.

Game News: 2004, 02, 29 - 03, 06 (pg. 2)

Mar 03, 2003

The coolest toys and games in the world were on display at the 2004 Toy Fair. Get the 411 on what's new and cool here!

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