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Banned because these last few posts are rather confusing.
reply 25 minutes
"God" is a genre of music that is a combination of every- yes, every- other music genre. It's.. a bit of a train wreck. No one really listens to it. Well, except for those weirdo martians who think it's a hip earthy trend.. What is the difference between "hot" and "cold"?
reply 34 minutes
tayturrell posted in Forum Games:
reply about 10 hours
Feel what it is like to be killed every 28 minutes. Sounds interesting. The biggest downside is that I could actually be dying but I wouldn't believe it.Would you rather…be rich BUT you have to  swap lives with someone you hateorbe able to revive people from the dead BUT someone else has to die in their place?
reply about 12 hours

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