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Dear Dish-It

Got a burning question, need some advice or thinking about stuff like puberty, friends, school, family, pets, bullying, peer pressure or growing up in general? Post your questions to Dish-It in the forums for advice!

Remember kids: Dish-It gets a load of questions every day so it may take time for her to reply to yours. Or, if your question is one that she's already answered, search the Dish-It Categories on the right side of this page for her advice!

Simon's Blog - March 28, 2006


Simon blogs about Spring Break in this free online teen journal. - Page 1

Dear Dish-It, How Do I Update My Wardrobe?


My parents don't have money to buy me clothes that are up-to-date. I'm tired of wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater.

Dear Dish-It, I Used to Be a Tomboy


Last year I was a major tomboy. This year I act like a real girl and the same guy I liked last year is flirting with me now.

Sindy's Blog - March 9, 2006


Sindy blogs about the Oscars best dressed celebrities. Check out here commentary on the Academy Awards red carpet issues.

March 2006 Horoscopes


Looking to know your horoscope for March 2006? Get your free teen astrological horoscope and see what's in the stars for you. - Page 1

Read the Advice! March 2006 Horoscopes

Simon's Blog - February 28, 2006


Simon blogs about Fat Tuesday and Lent in this free online teen journal.

Dear Dish-It, I Have Imaginary Friends


I have an imaginary group of friends but can't find any information on this kind of thing. Can you help me?

Dear Dish-It, My Dad's Moving Out


My parents told me they are separating. My mom gave my dad until the weekend to move out. I really need to talk to someone.

Dear Dish It, Should I Ask Her to be My Valentine?


I have been crushing on this girl for over a year now. She's giving me a candy gram for Valentine's. Should I tell her how I feel?

Dear Dish-It, Valentine's Day Dilemmas


Hi, I have a boyfriend named Zack but I am too young to go on a date. What do I do at school on Valentine's Day? Any advice?

February 2006 Horoscopes


Looking to find out what's in the stars for you this month? Check out Kidzworld's free online teen horoscopes for February 2006! - Page 1

Read the Advice! February 2006 Horoscopes

Dear Dish-It, I Want to Be a Vegetarian


I have wanted to be a vegetarian for the past three years but I still have not been able to ask my mom.

Dear Dish-It, I Found My Brother's Cigarettes


I saw some cigarettes in my bro's car and I don't know if he's smoking them and I don't know how to tell my parents.

Dear Dish-It, I've Always Thought She Was Hot


There's this girl who REALLY likes me. I always thought she was HOT, but if we go out, won't that wreck our friendship?

Dear Dish-It, We Hardly Talk Anymore


I've been dating this guy online but I haven't seen him much lately and he hardly emails me. Do you think he's cheating?


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The wrong anwsers game! :3

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The wrong anwsers game! :3