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Dear Dish-It

Got a burning question, need some advice or thinking about stuff like puberty, friends, school, family, pets, bullying, peer pressure or growing up in general? Post your questions to Dish-It in the forums for advice!

Remember kids: Dish-It gets a load of questions every day so it may take time for her to reply to yours. Or, if your question is one that she's already answered, search the Dish-It Categories on the right side of this page for her advice!

How to Deal With A Bully - Part II


Think you arent as tough as a bully - Think again. Bullies are not strong, they are weak. Why else would they pick on people to make themselves feel better? Wanna know more about bully DNA?

Dear Dish-It, Kidzworld Member Feedback (pg. 2)


Youve read the questions sent in by Kidzworld members and youve checked out the advice Dish-It has served up. Now its time to hear what Kidzworld members have to say about love, dating, cheating, sex and a ton of other hot teen issues!

Dear Dish-It, Should I Dump My Guy?


I dont know what to do about my boyfriend. He acts like my father. He tells me what kind of music to listen to and he never lets me do what I want. Should I dump him?

Choosing Love Over Friendship


What happens when a friend makes you choose between her and the guy you really like? Would a real friend make you choose? And how do you know if you made the right decision?

March 2004 Horoscopes (pg. 2)


Is your March destined for greatness or disaster? Weve got the astrological insights you need to prepare yourself! Check out Kidzworlds free online teen horoscopes! - Page 2

Healing Valentine's Day Scars

Healing Valentine's Day Scars  

Okay admit it. You barely survived Valentines Day. Feeling scarred from Valentines Day and its not from Cupids Arrow? Well, heres some tips so it doesnt happen again.

Does School Suck? Feedback


Recently, Kidzworld asked the question, Does school suck? Many of you hit us back with your thoughts. Read on for the word on school and the feedback from the members. And dont forget to send in your own comments about early mornings, teachers and other

Read the Advice! Does School Suck? Feedback

Dear Dish-It, My Brother Keeps Beating Me Up (pg.2)


My brother is five years older than I am and hes using physical violence. Ive told my mom a million times but she is always saying to keep out of his way. Ive got loads of aches and pains from him. What should I do?

February 2005 Horoscopes (pg. 2)


Find out whats in your stars this month with Kidzworlds free, online teen horoscopes. - Page 2

January 2005 Horoscopes (pg. 2)


Get your free, online, monthly teen horoscope right here at Kidzworld. - Page 4

How Do You Battle Your Feelings?


Learn how to deal with emotions like anger, sadness and depression with expert help from Dr. Janet.

January 2006 Horoscopes (pg. 2)


Get your free monthly teen horoscope from Kidzworlds very own astrologist. - Page 2

Dear Dish-It, My Parents Just Won't Listen! (pg. 2)


Do you ever find your parents just wont listen to you? Find out what Dish-It suggests you should do.


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~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

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