The 411 On Breasts, Periods And Puberty!

Feb 27, 2004

Hey girls! Need the 411 on your period, breasts, puberty or other female health issues? Then check out the Locker Room!

Don't Sweat It

Feb 10, 2004

Why is it that whenever you see your crush your palms start sweating and your armpits get wet? Just read on for the 411 on sweat!

Attacking Asthma

Feb 10, 2004

Have you ever been runnin' along with buds, when suddenly you can't catch your breath? You might be suffering from asthma.

Quiz! Who Put the P.U. in Puberty?

Jan 10, 2004

You're getting smellier and sprouting more hair than a Chia Pet. But, what do you really know about Puberty?

The Science of Farting

Oct 16, 2003

Watch what your friends are eating cuz some foods make you fart more than others. Get the 411 on the science behind farting.

Quiz! Test Your Stress Smarts

Sep 05, 2003

Are you a worked-up worrier or cool as a cucumber? Test your stress busting skills in this cool quiz!

Why Is My Voice Squeaking?

Jul 10, 2003

"I was talking to Sindy when my voice suddenly went squeaky. What's happening?" Get the 411 from Simon.

How Are You Quenching Your Thirst?

Jun 23, 2003

If you've been playing ball or been on the field, you should always be taking in lots of liquids. Get the thirst quencher 411.

How Do I Get Rid Of This Hair?

Jun 04, 2003

I have hairs on my belly button and I get really self-conscious. Is this normal for a girl? Should I shave or wax it off?

All About Athlete's Foot

May 30, 2003

If you have to scratch cuz it's really itchy between your toes and the skin's tender... you probably have athlete's foot.

Dealing With an Eating Disorder

May 08, 2003

In an attempt to stay fit, one Kidzworld member found herself battling bulimia. Find out how she overcame this eating disorder.

Why It's Important to Wash Your Hands

May 02, 2003

It's important to wash your hands after doing your business in the washroom to prevent the spread of bacteria, germs and disease. But do you?

How Do I Get the Perfect Body?

Apr 24, 2003

We've all wished for thinner thighs, bigger boobs or flatter stomachs. Now, learn how you can start feelin' better about your bod!

Causes and Cures for Common Warts

Apr 14, 2003

Oh no, it's a wart! You don't just find them on the faces of dirty old witches and you don't get them from kissing frogs or toads.

Gossip Just Ain't Cool!

Mar 24, 2003

Gossip seeps through every school's halls, every bathroom's stalls, and every city's malls. But it can ruin peeps' lives.

Breathing A Little Easier With The AAFA

Mar 12, 2003

The AAFA and Coolio are breathing new life into under-privileged communities with free medical for peeps who suffer from asthma.

I'm Starting to Grow Facial Hair

Feb 14, 2003

"I'm kind of nervous about shaving. I am starting to get facial hair but not a lot. Is there any way I can get hair so that it isn't so visible?" Kidzworld has shaving tips to keep you looking good.

Making Sure You're Healthy

Jan 31, 2003

Whether it's concerns about body image, personal hygiene or other health related issues, we've got the info to help keep you fit and healthy. Check out what Kidzworld members have on their minds!

Extreme Soda for the Masses

Jan 17, 2003

They've brought you Fufu Berry, Blue Bubblegum and Green Apple. Think you're ready to give Jones' latest flavors a whirl? Find out if Fruit Punch and Lemon Drop Soda are worth your tastebuds' time.

Quiz! Are You a Grinch?

Dec 19, 2002

It's that time of year again and you're surrounded by caroling peeps, Christmas trees and eggnog treats. Do all the season's festivities excite you, or do they send you through the roof? Find out if you're a grinch!

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