World Suicide Prevention Day

Sep 06, 2012

Depression and mental health are important issues that all too often get swept aside or ignored, and can lead to self harm and suicide in many cases. Take action and help prevent suicide by observing World Suicide Prevention Day this September 10th.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Aug 31, 2012

Time to get out your backpack and choose your outfit for the first day because school is back in session! Check out Kidzworld's kitchen for healthy lunch ideas!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Canine Cuisine

Aug 16, 2012

Make healthy and fun dog treats for your furry friends! Kidzworld has the recipes.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Babysitter Extraordinaire

Aug 02, 2012

Kidzworld has the kitchen babysitting tips you need to make some extra cash this summer!

Glee's Back-To-School Recipe Guide

Jul 25, 2012

Get ready for Back-To-School with this Glee inspired Recipe Guide!

15 Ways to Live Happy

Jul 17, 2012

15 Ways to Live Happy from HappyWater!

The Ultimate Cure for Hiccups

Jul 13, 2012

Kidzworld has found a new, amazingly easy cure for hiccups that works anywhere, any time! Check it out!

Firework Safety Tips

Jul 11, 2012

Don’t Be A Stooge, Follow These Firework Safety Tips!

Dentyne Ice Split2Fit

Jun 28, 2012

The new Dentyne Split2Fit pack splits into two sleek packs. And now with 33% more gum than before, it's easy to Practice Safe Breath everywhere.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Fourth of July

Jun 28, 2012

It’s almost the 4th of July! The official kickoff to summer and the Nation’s birthday, so let’s celebrate in a big tasty way! Check out Kidzworld's Kitchen for great recipes!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Father’s Day Delights

Jun 12, 2012

Kidzworld shares our favorite Father’s Day recipes in this month’s Kidzworld Kitchen!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Campfire Treats

Jun 04, 2012

Nothing feels like summer more than enjoying the great outdoors with a camping trip. Kidzworld has the perfect campfire treats!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Bakesale

May 17, 2012

Earn extra money by hosting a bakesale! Kidzworld has recipe ideas to help you reel in the money.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

May 08, 2012

Treat your mom this Mother’s Day with special Kidzworld Kitchen recipes!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Pretzel Crisps

Apr 25, 2012

Have you wondered what the life of Pretzel Crisps is like? Meet Carl. He is from the deli section of the grocery store, but he's trying to lose his deli section accent to help his acting career.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Rainy Days of Spring

Apr 23, 2012

Spring is the season of rainy days. Indulge in comfort food that will warm you up from the inside!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Easter Eggs Galore

Apr 01, 2012

It’s the season for eggs and chocolate! Greet this fun spring holiday with some cute and unique recipe ideas.

Kidzworld Kitchen: Spring Break Munchables

Mar 21, 2012

Spring break is almost here and that means fun in the sun, and lots of good treats!

Body Piercing 101

Mar 12, 2012

Thinking of getting pierced? Here's the lowdown on how to do it right.

Kidzworld Kitchen: St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 08, 2012

Lads and Lassies! St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and while you may already be thinking of which green duds you’ll be sporting that day, maybe you haven’t thought about how you can bring a little Irish flair to your menu?

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