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Nutrition - Facts About Fat

You may stay away from fat because you don't want to gain weight, but it's not a good idea to completely turn your back on fat. Here's why...... read more

The Good and Bad Buzz on Caffeine

A frothy frappuccino tastes great, but find out what you're doing to your body every time you take a caffeinated sip.... read more

Nutrition - Vitamin E

Vitamin E is believed to slow down the aging process and prevent illnesses like cancer and heart disease. But is it really a miracle drug?... read more
Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Kidzworld has put together a list of body image facts for you to think about the next time you s... read more
Feb 24, 2015 | 30 comments

Nutrition - Carbohydrates

If you think eating carbohydrates will only make you pack on the pounds, then you're wrong. Carbs actually give you energy and even help to burn fat!... read more

Puke Parade

"Tossing your cookies" is also known as hurling, puking and barfing. Wanna find out more about this smelly bodily function?... read more

Nutrition - Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential in the growth, development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. It's commonly known as the sunshine vitamin because the be... read more
Herbal Cold Remedies

Herbal Cold Remedies

Move over vitamin C and make way for herbal remedies like echinacea, which boosts your immune system to help fight colds and flu.... read more
Jan 15, 2014 | 13 comments

Proper Posture

Your parents nag you to stop slouching and stand up straight, but it's for a good reason. Having proper posture helps you look, think and feel better.... read more

Nutrition - Vitamin C

It's an essential nutrient that can prevent cold and keeps your teeth looking good. Kidzworld checks out the facts on vitamin C.... read more

Nutrition :: Fiber

It keeps your body running smoothly and can help prevent heart disease. Kidzworld checks out the fabulous facts of fiber.... read more

Dealing With Dyslexia

About 20% of students suffer from dyslexia, a learning disability that makes them reverse letters and words, which affects reading and writing.... read more

Nutrition - Iron

Eating a balanced diet that is rich in iron helps build strong muscles and fills you with a lot of energy. Learn all about this essential mineral!... read more

Top 10 Excuses for Getting Out of P.E.

Do you hate going to P.E.? Do you loathe prison-style showers and pushups 'til you puke? Check out Sindy and Simon's top excuses for getting out of gy... read more

Chicken Pox 101

Chicken pox is a human disease, so how did it get its name? Is there any way to ease the itches? Get educated and learn all the f... read more

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Umm, hi guys, I'm Robin. I'm 10 years old and my father is dead. I always sorta feel sad but I don't know exactly why... heh heh. My life is very different then other peoples so I'm a little afraid of what people will say. I'm just confused with the world. At 1 point I was tearing my hair out and scratching my face, I just wanna be heard. ok so ummmm, my father (who I call Apple) died when I was 8, I never really liked the idea of living with just my mom until it stopped for a bit, my mom got a boyfriend and I guess I just was so shocked I panicked. My whole life at the time was pointless, and u know what? NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED! THE BOYFRIEND IS GONE BUT THE STUPID MISSORY LINGERS! I'M FED UP WITH THE WORLD! CAN I JUST GO TO HEAVEN ALREADY! WHY CANT I HAVE A BETTER LIFE! OMG! WHY IS LIFE MOCKING ME! PEOPLE SAY, " be greatful for what u have. " BUT I'M FED UP FOR MAKING FAKE REASONS TO BE HAPPY! WHY CANT I JUST BE OK!? AND NO, DONT SAY, " only u control ur life, " BC FRANKLY THATS NOT REALLY TRUE! UGHHH!!! [s:p/10f4] IM TIRED OF PRETENDING, I'M GOING TO LET EVERYONE SEE HOW I FEEL! AND NO, THIS IS NOT JUST BC I WANT ATTENTION!!!! [s:p/1f7v] I WISH IT ALL WOULD JUST [s:p/1f8v] SURE IT'S OK WHEN UR MOM GETS OFF THE PHONE AND LET'S U GUESS BEFORE SHE TELLS U UR ONLY DADDY IS GONE! LET'S JUST PLAY SOCCER HAVE DINER AND GO TO SLEEP AND NOTHING IS MISSING! I'M NOT EVEN GONNA TRY ANYMORE. Sincerely, The Broken Heart
reply 28 minutes
viti posted in Style:
eye shadow
reply about 11 hours
viti posted in Style:
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both r comfortable to me
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How Often Does Your Family Exercise?

  • All the time - we're a totally fit family.
  • We exercise at least once a week - but we could do more.
  • Not every often - maybe once a month.
  • Never. We're a family of couch potatoes.