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Health Tips for Kids and Teens

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Kidzworld Kitchen: St. Patrick’s Day Treats

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Kidzworld Kitchen: Valentine’s Day

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Red Moon Pies

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Chicken Curry

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All About Tea

All About Tea

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Banana Bread

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Milk and Cookie Flutes

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Warm and Sweet Hot Cocoa

Make Your Own Hot Cocoa

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Turkey Tacos

Kidzworld Kitchen: Thanksgiving Leftovers

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USA Cake

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Carrot Fingers and Hummous

Kidzworld Kitchen: Halloween

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Kidzworld Kitchen: Gluten-Free Eating

Kidzworld Kitchen: Gluten-Free Eating

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posts from the Dear Dish-It forums

First, I would not diagnose your own self, you're not a doctor and "researching " what you have is never a good idea. Secondly, I would definitely schedule an appointment to see if you have anything, and if something is wrong you can be diagnosed correctly and get the care you need. 
reply 7 minutes
jordand08 posted in Friends:
Next time she tells you, see if you can find any evidence that she did, bruise etc.  even if you find nothing that doesn't mean she hasn't. But she or you should tell an adult, or someone you can trust that is older. 
reply about 16 hours
drowning posted in Family Issues:
"RavenClawRaina" wrote:Here for the past year, i have been having bad memory problems and rlly bad grades cuz i can never focus. I looked up my symptoms and showed my mom that I might have APD ( auditory processing disorder ). She said we will get it looked into but still hasnt becuz we have had my brothers friend move in with us becuz his adoptive dad beat him and its been putting stress on my mom and she doesnt want to deal with it. I need help in school but no matter how the teachers word things i cant get it. How do I make my mom listen to me and take me to the doctor? Its been getting worst too. I have had problems remembering what we did the day before is certain classes. HELP ME!  At first, I thought it sounded like ADD, but it wouldn't effect your memory like it is. If not, catch your mom while she's not rushing around. Maybe before she goes to bed or while she's making dinner. Maybe even while she's sitting down or send her a text for her to see when she can. I wish the best of luck with the stress! It most likely doesn't help with the APD; stress can add to just about any condition!
reply 2 days
drowning posted in Family Issues:
"iiDeadxInside" wrote:I refused to talk to anyone else besides my friends, and my family. I would advise you to try and reach out to other authorities than friends and family. They'll be able to do more.
reply 2 days

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  • Never. We're a family of couch potatoes.

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