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Health Tips for Kids and Teens

Carrot Fingers and Hummous

Kidzworld Kitchen: Halloween

The most important thing about Halloween is definitely putting together the perfect costume, but after that is settled the second most important thing... read more
Kidzworld Kitchen: Gluten-Free Eating

Kidzworld Kitchen: Gluten-Free Eating

We are all hearing more and more about gluten-free eating and maybe it has you curious what it’s all about and if maybe it’s right for you.... read more
Bas Rutten's BOOMbastic Words of Wisdom

Bas Rutten's BOOMbastic Words of Wisdom

Bas Rutten's BOOMbastic Words of Wisdom... read more
October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day designed to raise awareness about mental health issues, find out more in World Mental Health Day!

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was created by the World Health Organization to promote understanding about mental health issues. World Mental Health day is o... read more
Oct 02, 2016 | 27 comments
Many people stay away from eating meat for ethical, spiritual and health reasons. Find out more in Vegetarians Vs. Vegans!

Vegetarian Vs. Vegan

There are many ethical, cultural, spiritual and health-related reasons why you or people you know may choose to not eat certain animals and or animal ... read more
Kidzworld Kitchen: Fall Food

Kidzworld Kitchen: Fall Food

If there is one positive thing about the summer coming to an end it is that the beautiful season of fall is beginning. ... read more
Oct 06, 2014 | 53 comments
Having a special needs sibling comes with it's own set of challenges, learn coping strategies with these tips and tricks from Care.com!

Strategies for Special Needs Siblings from Care.com

Anyone with sisters and brothers can tell you, siblings are often the family members that we spend the most time with. They're your BFF, your support ... read more
Did you know that 3000 people die from suicide daily? September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day, find out more.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Depression and mental health are important issues that all too often get swept aside or ignored, and can lead to self harm and suicide in many cases.W... read more
May 05, 2017 | 265 comments
 Kidzworld Kitchen: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Kidzworld Kitchen: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Time to get out your backpack and choose your outfit for the first day because school is back in session! Check out Kidzworld's kitchen for healthy lu... read more
Aug 21, 2014 | 60 comments
Kidzworld Kitchen: Canine Cuisine

Kidzworld Kitchen: Canine Cuisine

Make healthy and fun dog treats for your furry friends! Kidzworld has the recipes. ... read more
Kidzworld Kitchen: Babysitter Extraordinaire

Kidzworld Kitchen: Babysitter Extraordinaire

Kidzworld's Kitchen has the babysitting tips you need to make some extra cash this summer! We also have a recipes to make your own playdough and lemon... read more
Glee's Back-To-School Recipe Guide

Glee's Back-To-School Recipe Guide

Get ready for Back-To-School with this Glee inspired Recipe Guide!... read more

15 Ways to Live Happy

15 Ways to Live Happy from HappyWater!... read more
The Ear-rubbing Method

The Ultimate Cure for Hiccups

Kidzworld has found a new, amazingly easy cure for hiccups that works anywhere, any time! Check it out!... read more
Summer Vacation To-Do List

Summer Vacation To-Do List

Most kids have about 80 days of summer vacation. How will you spend yours? Add these musts to your to-do list asap for a boredom-free summer!... read more
Jun 17, 2016 | 47 comments

posts from the Dear Dish-It forums

jake495 posted in Family Issues:
My mom's side of the family is abusive in their discipline. Its too much for me. Even though my grandma left the house, the effects of her disciplinary actions are hurting my self-esteem and self-confidence.
reply 36 minutes
LUCYQWERTY123 posted in Friends:
hey there!! i may have not been in that situation but i can help u dont worry btw have u tried calling her??  :|
reply 1 day
Kawai_Potato posted in Friends:
Me and my best friend met in this year but we are, or were, really close. I'm transferring to a different school this year. Me and my friend used to text every single day since summer vacation started. Now, we don't text at all! Whenever I text her I know she reads it because I use ######## but she never responds. It can't all be bad timing. I miss my best friend :(
reply 2 days
Dear Dish-it, Sorry to be a burden, but I need some advice. About a year ago, I decided I didn't want to live with my mom and decided to move in with my dad. After my mom found out, she told me "You are no longer my child, go drop dead and rot in hell for all I care." My siblings, especially my twin, began to threaten me and my father's lives if we were to ever step foot near them again. A year later, my dad and I get in massive fights about everything I do wrong and he never seems to try and see my point of view. He often gets ##### and compares me to my mother and his previous exes. I feel lost on what to do. I feel so alone and so...hurt. Do you have any advice? I know it's pathetic of me to rant on here, but I'm clueless and on the verge of snapping.
reply 3 days

How Often Does Your Family Exercise?

  • All the time - we're a totally fit family.
  • We exercise at least once a week - but we could do more.
  • Not every often - maybe once a month.
  • Never. We're a family of couch potatoes.

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