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Demi's New Tattoo!

Demi's New Tattoo!
Demi's new tattoo was inked by celeb tattooist Kat Von D
Demi Lovato Tattoo
Demi's showed off her new tattoo to fans on Twitter

Pop starlet and X Factor judge Demi Lovato has just gotten fresh ink, done by none other than famous tattoo artist and reality tv star Kat Von D!

On Sunday the 20-year-old singer showed off her new tatt on Twitter, a flock of birds with the word faith looped into the design and tweeted: “Thank you so much @katvond for my new ink!!” tweeted Lovato. “I think it’s beautiful and I love it!

Demi has said in the past that she's worried she'll regret getting so many tattoos when she's older (at least 12 and counting), but she loves them for now!

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