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TUNE IN: Hallmark's Return to Nim's Island!

After debuting to critical acclaim last month, “Return To Nim’s Island,” starring Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter,” will receive a special encore presentation Friday, April 5 on the Hallmark Channel at 7pm CT/8pm ET. The family adventure film also stars Matthew Lillard, Toby Wallace and Nathan Derrick.

Based on the novel Nim at Sea by Australian Author Wendy Orr, Return to Nim’s Island” is the sequel to the box office hit “Nim’s Island” (2008) and picks up a few years later when Nim (Irwin) and her father Jack (Lillard) discover that resort developers plan to buy Nim's Island. Determined to  protect the endangered wildlife, Nim embarks on an adventure that pits her and her animal allies against resort developers and animal poachers. With such strong opposing forces working against her, Nim realizes she can't depend on her animal cohorts alone and begins to rely on her first human friend, Edmund (Wallace), to help save her home. Together with Jack's intern, Felix (Derrick), Nim and Edmund work together to defeat the developers in order to save the beloved island and its endangered species.

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