Rat Tailz Skateboards

Mar 27, 2003

Is smaller really better, especially when it comes to your skateboard? Check out these Rat Tailz rides and decide for yourself.

DC Skateboard Shoes

Mar 24, 2003

Whether you're popping ollies or riding your BMX, DC shoes has it all. Take a look at some of the coolest shoes around.

Spalding's Infusion Balls

Jan 22, 2003

No pump, no problem. Shooting hoops or playing soccer with a flat ball totally bites. With an Infusion Ball from Spalding, the days of using a needle and pump to get air into a flat ball are over.

Poorboy Skateboard Bags

Jan 10, 2003

Looking for a bag that's got room for your tunes, your phone and all your skate gear? Well, you've come to the right place peeps. Kidzworld has the 411 on the latest skateboard bags from Poorboy USA.


Dec 23, 2002

Is your skateboard collecting dust cuz there's a foot of snow on the ground and your mom won't let you skate in the kitchen? Don't wait for the snow to melt - grab some snowskates.

World Industries Skate Gear

Nov 29, 2002

Those devils at World Industries have a new line of fall skate clothing to go with their kick-butt boards. Here's a look at the jeans, jackets and hoodys that you should be putting on your wish list.

K2 Kandi Snowboard

Nov 14, 2002

A sickly-sweet new snowboard has arrived this winter and it's more fun than a mountain packed with fresh powder. Check out the Kandi from K2 - a snowboard designed especially for girls who love to ride.

Mouth Guards - The Shock Doctor

Nov 04, 2002

If you play contact sports, then you'll wanna meet the Shock Doctor. He'll do his best to protect your mouth and teeth if you get nailed with a hockey puck or thrown to the ground by a linebacker.

Mongoose Varmint All-Terrain Board

Oct 25, 2002

The Mongoose Varmint is perfect for beginner mountainboarders. It's strong enough to stand up to tough terrain and big wipeouts, but light enough for riders to get big speed and big air.

Quiksilver Backpacks & Clothing

Oct 21, 2002

The Cheapskate II backpack from Quiksilver has room for everything you need to take to school - your skateboard, your CD player, your tunes... You may even find room to put your homework.

Fall Basketball Shoes

Oct 03, 2002

What sorta footwear are you gonna be shooting hoops in this fall? From the newest kicks by KG to the latest sneaks from T-Mac, Kidzworld has a look at this year's hottest basketball shoes.

The Razor Scream Machine

Aug 23, 2002

Hang on for this summer's wildest and most groovy three-wheeled ride. The Razor Scream Machine has arrived - so get ready for hours of low-riding, pavement-burning fun.

Huffy Sports - Twilight Balls

Jul 05, 2002

Have you ever had to quit a great game of basketball or football because it's too dark to play outside any longer? Well, darkness no longer has to be a reason for a great game to end.

Pogo Sticks

May 17, 2002

Pogo sticks were invented before your grandparents were born. Now these bouncin' toys are makin' a comeback. They're new, improved and definitely beat the pants off your grampa's pogo.

Burly Girls - Skateboard Gear

May 15, 2002

Burly Girls clothing isn't designed for some hulking she-male with arms of steel. It's ultra-cool sportswear for girls who are into skateboarding, surfing and other extreme adventures.

Umbro Soccer Gear

Apr 12, 2002

The 2002 World Cup means this summer will be a great season for playing and watching soccer. To help you do both, Umbro is rolling out new World Cup jerseys for your favorite teams.

Snowbunny Goggles

Feb 07, 2002

Snowbunny has created a pair of snowboarding goggles just for chicks. Girls no longer have to look like a space freak if they wanna protect their eyes and see clearly while on the slopes.

What's Wrong With Rolling?

Jan 31, 2002

If you're one of the thousands of kids who like zipping around with a pair of Heelys - you could be public enemy number one. Malls and schools say the shoe with a wheel is too dangerous.

Go Giro

Jan 24, 2002

More than half of all head injuries to snowboarders could be prevented if boarders just wore a helmet. Here's a look at a couple of the finest pieces of headwear from the guys at Giro.

The Mini Zeppelin

Dec 12, 2001

A ride on a K2 Mini Zeppelin is the perfect way to fly down your favorite mountain. It's a smaller package but this snowboard still has everything you need for those powder adventures.

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