Choose Your Course Vince Carter

Jun 30, 2004

In Choose Your Course, Vince Carter talks about the choices he made on his journey to NBA stardom.

Steve Francis Biography

Jun 29, 2004

Steve Francis is taking his b-ball magic to the Magic Kingdom. Kidzworld checks out one of the NBA's most exciting and creative players.


Jun 27, 2004

Tracy McGrady is hoping to turn the Houston Rockets into the next powerhouse in the NBA's tough Western Conference.

The 2004 NBA Draft

Jun 26, 2004

From high school hoopsters to Russian giants, the Kidzworld Coach checks out the top picks from the 2004 NBA Draft.

USA Olympic Basketball Team

Jun 24, 2004

Kidzworld checks out the lineup from the USA's basketball team from the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Eric Gagne Biography

Jun 23, 2004

In Break Barriers, Eric Gagne talks about the barriers he had to break in becoming baseball's top relief pitcher.

Euro 2008 Facts

Jun 11, 2004

One of the world's biggest soccer tournaments has just wrapped up and Spain came up on top! Check out Kidzworld's facts on Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland!

Mark Prior Biography

Jun 07, 2004

Will fireballer, Mark Prior, be able to lead the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series appearance in nearly 100 years?

LA Lakers - Most Loved and Most Hated Team

Jun 05, 2004

When you're the best b-ball team around, you're going to have lots of fans and lots of foes. Are you a Laker Lover or Hater?

Quiz! NASCAR Trivia

Jun 04, 2004

Think you know everything about NASCAR? Start your engine, burn some rubber and play free online trivia with Kidzworld!

Serena Williams Biography

May 17, 2004

Serena Williams is one of the best and most fashionable tennis players in the world. We took an inside look at this sexy star!

Tony Stewart Biography

May 14, 2004

Tony Stewart's aggressive racing style and firey temper have made Tony Stewart one of the most popular drivers on the NASCAR tour.

2004 NBA Playoff Picks

Apr 30, 2004

The slam-dunking, shot-blocking action of the 2004 NBA playoffs is underway. Check out the Coach's picks for the 2004 NBA Playoffs.

Top Picks in 2004 NFL Draft

Apr 28, 2004

Will Eli Manning follow in Peyton's footsteps? Will Philip Rivers make San Diego a winner? Kidzworld looks at the top picks from the NFL Draft.

Stan's Our Man - Stanley Cup Facts

Apr 08, 2004

Another hard-hitting, slap shot-shooting season of NHL playoff action is underway. Kidzworld takes a look at one of the NHL's greatest legends.

Taylor Dent Biography

Mar 31, 2004

With a rocket for a serve and tennis in his blood, Taylor Dent is trying to become one of America's next great tennis superstars.

Sore Loser Sports Quotes

Mar 30, 2004

Most professional athletes get paid millions of dollars to travel all over the world playing the sport they love. But when some players lose, they whine and complain. Can you say sore loser?

2004 Baseball World Series Predictions

Mar 25, 2004

Who's gonna win the World Series? Who's the next homerun king? Kidzworld makes its predictions for the 2004 Baseball season.

Todd Bertuzzi Biography

Mar 10, 2004

Todd Bertuzzi is a goal scoring and bodychecking machine. Will he be enough to take the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup?

Ilya Kovalchuk Interview

Feb 27, 2004

Simon talks to hockey superstar, Ilya Kovalchuk, about playing in the All-Star Game and making it to the NHL.

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