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Love and Other Four-Letter Words

When your parents split up, your crush thinks you're a dork and your best friend is self-absorbed, you end up just a tad more
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Dear Dish-It, I'm Lying About My Age

I met a girl through my cousin and she changed my life! I love her loads and would never do something like cheat on her. I get paranoid about her more

Dear Dish-It, Kidzworld Member Feedback

Dear Dish-It has given a lot of advice out lately - and she's received a lot of advice too. Here's what some Kidzworld members had to say on hot more

Dear Dish-It, I'm a Chronic Dater

I have a hard time hooking up with a guy and staying with him! I don't mean I can't get a boyfriend, but I just can't stand a guy for more than two more
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Dear Dish-It, Should I Just Forget Her?

I'm 15 and in love. But my girl lives about 45 minutes away. more
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Dear Dish-It, I Want to Be a Dancer

I really want to be a back-up dancer, but I don't know what it takes. I have the moves - I just don't know where to go with them! Please more

Dear Dish-It, I Can't Get Over My Ex

I can't get over my ex. How do I move on? more

Dear Dish-It, Kidzworld Member Feedback (pg. 2)

You've read the questions sent in by Kidzworld members and you've checked out the advice Dish-It has served up. Now it's time to hear what Kidzworld more

Dear Dish-It, Kidzworld Member Feedback (pg. 3)

Check out what these Kidzworld Members had to more

Dear Dish-It, Kidzworld Member Feedback (pg. 4)

Check out what Kidzworld Members had to say about other members' problems, more

July 2003 Horoscopes

Summer is heating up for Pisces but leaving Scorpio cold. Check your horoscope to see what's coming this July! more
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August 2003 Horoscopes

Aries is having the time of their life, but Virgo is fighting the blues. Find out what's happening with your horoscope this more
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Dear Dish-It, He Won't Stop Calling Me

I've got a guy that won't leave me alone. I mean, I went out with him but he calls me all the time. He's totally gettin' on my more

Leona Naess CD Review

Looking for smooth tunes that soothe for study-time or downtime? Well, Leona Naess' self-titled third CD can fit that more
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September 2003 Horoscopes

Pisces is riding high this month but Aries is hitting the books. Find out what the stars have in store for you! more
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October 2003 Horoscopes

Everyone's looking to Libra for support and Aries is raking in the dough. Find out what fate has in store for you this more
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