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Dear Dish-It, I Think He's is Cute

I really like this one guy, but my friend thinks he's really mean. He is cute! But what should I do? I don't want to ruin everything. Find out what D... read more

Dear Dish-It, Does Race Matter?

My BF is Asian American, and I'm European American, so many of my relatives are racist to him and call him "Ching Chong" and stuff. They say I shouldn... read more

Dear Dish-It, Why Don't Girls Treat Me Right?

Ever since I can remember, I have had a GF who always hurt me. I'd understand if I was a jerk but I'm actually the sweetest guy a girl could ever have... read more

Dear Dish-It, Who Do I Date?

I am bisexual and am dating a really nice guy that knows I'm bisexual. But now I found a girl that I like a lot who's also bisexual. I'm just really c... read more

Dear Dish-It, Should I Just Forget Her?

I'm 15 and in love. But my girl lives about 45 minutes away. ... read more

Dear Dish-It, My BF Wants to Do Drugs

My boyfriend wants to do some drugs. I don't like the word drug or anyone that has anything to do with them. Should he be respectful of my concerns or... read more

Dear Dish-It, Why Do Guys Stop Calling?

Why do guys just leave their girlfriends without even bothering to tell them that they don't want to go out with them anymore? Dish-It has the answer ... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Is Being Abused

I have a friend whose parents abuse her. I know this cuz she is my best friend and she tells me everything. She made me promise not to tell anyone but... read more

Dear Dish-It, Are All Guys Cheaters?

Are all guys cheaters? I am only 15 but my two BFs have left me for other girls. I later found out through my best friend that both of 'em started mes... read more

Dear Dish-It, I'm Single and Like It

Ok, I am single now. Three boys have asked me out and I have said no to all of them and it has felt really good because I am the type that always has ... read more

Dear Dish-It, I Like Two Guys

When my boyfriend moved away, we broke up. Then a couple of days later I got a new boyfriend. I REALLY like him and he REALLY likes me. But now my old... read more

Dear Dish-It, I Think I Am Ugly

When I go out places, girls 'eye-me-up' but I'm convinced that I'm ugly! I'm not looking for sympathy, I just wanna know why I can't just be satisfied... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Boyfriend Is Gay

Balancing school, dating and your friends can be quite a chore on a good day, but if your hottie has his sights set elsewhere... like another guy. Wha... read more

Dear Dish-It, I saw my boyfriend kiss my best friend

I saw my boyfriend kiss my best friend. I was so angry that I told one of the teachers at skool. There I was crying in front of him. What should I d... read more

Celebrity Quotes on Love

Ever wonder what the rich and famous have to say about love and their love lives? Think they have all the great advice? Take a look at some of the fam... read more

Dear Dish-It, Why Do I Feel Out of Control? (pg. 2)

My parents are splitting up and I feel like I have no control anymore. Why?... read more

Brandy Biography

Brandy is back with a brand new look, news of a husband, a baby on the way and her new CD, Full Moon. Get the scoop on this young singer/actor ... read more

Dear Dish-It, Friends vs. Hotties!

I like this boy and he likes me too... a bit. My friend had this plan, to get the boy to like me, so I went with it. Now me & the boy are close, but m... read more

Julia Stiles Biography

You know her from Save The Last Dance & 10 Things I Hate About You. She's one of the hottest young actresses of the day and her acting credits con... read more

Old Expressions - Sayings - Traditions

Have you ever wondered where some of those weird expressions and traditions come from? Check out these historical "facts" and judge for yourself if th... read more