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The Escapists 2 Game Review

The Escapists 2 Game Review

The ultimate prison-break sandbox gets a sequel with The Escapists 2. Check out Kidzworld's review to see if this game improves on the original or str... read more
Aug 30, 2017 | 2 comments
Dear Dish-It Gives Advice on Breaking Up

Dear Dish-It Gives Advice on Breaking Up

If you’ve battled a broken heart, check out new Dear Dish-It advice on Kidzworld. Click the link for some tips on how to cope with breakups. ... read more
May 09, 2017 | 2 comments
Dorrit and Carrie

The Carrie Diaries: Season 1, Episode 9 :: The Great Unknown

This week on The Carrie Diaries (Season 1, Episode 9), Carrie struggles with her feelings for Sebastian, while Mouse learns that she's not the smartes... read more
Mar 12, 2013 | post a comment
My Crush Has a Broken Heart

Dear Dish-It: My Crush Has a Broken Heart

Confused Lover asks: There is this guy in my class who I like and I think he likes me back, but I’m not sure if he’ll ask me out. His last girlfriend ... read more
Nov 16, 2012 | 62 comments
My Boyfriend Has A Bad Reputation

Dear Dish-It: My Boyfriend Has A Bad Reputation

Hesitant asks: I recently started going out with a boy from another school. He’s really nice and sweet to me, but I found out that he has a really bad... read more
Hampton Williams on SYTYCD

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 9, Episode 1: Auditions 1 & 2

This week on So You Think You Can Dance (Season 9, Episode 1), the judges kicked off their audition tour in New York and Dallas. Read Kidzworld’s reca... read more
May 25, 2012 | 7 comments
Haley Reinhart Guest Stars on 90210

90210: Season 4, Episode 20 :: Blue Ivy

This week on 90210 (Season 4, Episode 20), the gang attends Raj’s funeral, and then hosts an Irish wake to celebrate his life. Read Kidzworld’s recap ... read more
Mar 28, 2012 | 5 comments
The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 17 :: Break on Through

The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 17 :: Break on Through

This week on The Vampire Diaries (Season 3, Episode 17), Damon seduces Rebekah and Alaric continues his strange behavior. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “B... read more
Mar 23, 2012 | 7 comments
Kidzworld Kitchen: Spring Break Munchables

Kidzworld Kitchen: Spring Break Munchables

Spring break is almost here and that means fun in the sun, and lots of good treats! ... read more
Mar 21, 2012 | 24 comments
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Rio Movie Review

For feathers’ sake! Rio came flying into theatres this weekend, and Kidzworld is here to give you a “bird’s eye view” of this funny, fantastic new ani... read more
Apr 16, 2011 | 48 comments
Courtesy of the CW

90210: Season 3, Episode 17 :: Blue Naomi

This week on 90210 (Season 3, Episode 17), Naomi takes extreme measures to attract Max. Kidzworld reviews 'Blue Naomi,’ which aired on February 28, 20... read more
Feb 28, 2011 | post a comment
The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries :: Season 2, Episode 9

Elena and Katherine bond over a history lesson and Bonnie discovers a new witch is in town. Find out what happened on the latest episode of The Vampir... read more
Soccer Strength

Quiz the Coach :: Soccer Side Stitches

Hey coach, in soccer, there is too much running so you feel some pains in the abdominal area. How do I stop this?... read more
No Bra To Bed Is Best

Dear Dish-It: Bras to Bed?

Ms. Uncomfortable asks: "Should girls wear bras to bed?"... read more
Keira Knightley

Dear Dish-it: My Chest is Too Flat!

flat chest asks: "I’m gonna be a freshman in high school next year and I have way smaller boobs than most girls. Is there any way I can make them grow... read more
We Love Organic Beauty Products!

Organic Beauty Products

There’s been a boom of natural and organic beauty products over the past few years that makes it so much easier for us to be eco-conscious in choosing... read more
Wisdom Teeth

Word to the Wise: Wisdom Teeth

Ouch! Why are those four molars at the very back of your mouth hurting you? Well, those molars (another word for your bigger back teeth) are actually ... read more
Courtesy of Disney

Ryan Newman Bio

Ryan Newman is one of the latest young stars to break into Hollywood. You might’ve seen her in a few episodes of Hannah Montana, but after scoring lea... read more
Breaking Up Nicely

Dear Dish-it: Breaking Up - Without Breaking His Heart

Dazed And Confused asks: "How do I break up with someone but not hurt them? The person I'm with is madly in love with me but I don't think that this o... read more

Cast Coverz Review

Broken arm got you down? Check out CastCoverz - the newest, most fashion-forward way to heal a broken bone back to health!... read more