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History - Roman Colosseum

It started being built in 72 Ad and wasn't finished until 80 AD. And when the Roman Colosseum finally opened with 100 days of games, hundreds of gladi...read more

Scary Places :: Abbey of Lucedio

Abbey of Lucedio

The Abbey of Lucedio (a monastery in Italy) was used by the monks as a place to torture, kill and do evil. It was finally shut down but now there are ...read more

Wacky World Cup Facts

Why was a German player once sent home from a World Cup soccer game? Why did India's team boycott the 1950 World Cup? Read on to find the answe...read more
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Shaun White Biography

With his big red hair, Shaun White is truly one of a kind. From Project X to the Nintendo Wii. Find the real deal on this snowboarding and skateboardi...read more

Pure Dead Trouble Book Review

The fourth book in Debi Gliori's Pure Dead series, Pure Dead Trouble is the perfect read for this Halloween!...read more
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Overview of World War II

As Holocaust Memorial Day approaches, get the fact on WWII - the devastating war that killed more people than any other war in history....read more

Vonetta Flowers Interview

Bobsled racer, Vonetta Flowers, talks about flying down an icy track and her chances of winning a gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics....read more
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Lindsey Jacobellis Biography

Lindsey Jacobellis wins a silver medal in snowboarder cross at the Winter Olympics. Find out more about this blonde-haired boarding star...read more
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Take a Tour of Italy

The world's best skiers and skaters are heading to Italy for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Find out more about the host country right here....read more
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Charisma Carpenter Biography

A professional cheerleader, named after perfume, kicked butt and won fans as a Scooby member. Find out about Charisma Carpenter....read more
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Museums of History Around the World

It's all about history and museums are the best place to find out about the past. Check out the cool museums we found!...read more

Museums of History Around the World (pg. 2)

Mummies, curses, jewelry, and first humans, you're not going to find them at home. These things are all in museums and they're awesome. So, take a tri...read more

Faces From the 2006 NBA Draft

Will Andrea Bargnani be the next big NBA star or the next big bust? Check out the top picks from the 2006 NBA Draft....read more
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Monster Allergy TV Show Facts

Monster Allergy follows the antics of a monster tamer and his best friend. Kidzworld takes a look at this zany cartoon!...read more
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This Week in Sports :: December 24-28, 2007

This week in sports Kobe Bryant hits the 20,000 point club while soccer star Renaldo might play in Brazil. We have pictures of all the news that happe...read more
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Monopoly: Here & Now: The World Edition Review

You probably recognize names like Baltic Avenue and Park Place from your old Monopoly set, but the popular board game’s Here & Now: The World Edit...read more
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Pizza Machine

A pizza vending machine that can make the classic dish from scratch in three minutes has been launched in Italy....read more

Organ & Tissue Transplants: Nicholas’ Story

Organ and Tissue Transplants: Nicholas’ Story

There are over 100,000 people waiting for transplants. Only 77 people a day actually receive a transplant. A new organ or tissue can save someone’s li...read more
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2010 World Championship of Figure Skating


The next biggest event for figure skating is the World Championships, which are held every year in a different country of the World....read more

Men's Volleyball Pan American Cup 2010

Pan Am Cup

Preparing for the World Championship of Volleyball this September in Italy, the US National Volleyball team will try to three-peat their crown at the ...read more
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