MEGA Bloks: Spider-Man 3 Set Reviews

Jun 08, 2007

Fight crime and unleash super- powers with Spidey, Venom and more in the Spider-Man 3 MEGA Bloks sets. We review 'em.

MEGA Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean Kit Reviews

May 15, 2007

Sail with Jack Sparrow and battle the Kraken with the new Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Mega Bloks toy kits!

LEGO TECHNIC: Snowmobile Kit Review

May 08, 2007

Put your construction skills to the test and build a toy snowmobile or bulldozer with this LEGO TECHNIC kit!

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Shadow Crawler Kit Review

May 08, 2007

Unleash a Devastator robot in a deadly Shadow Crawler mech with this LEGO EXO-FORCE kit! Here’s our toy review.

MEGA Bloks Spider-Man 3 Toymation Video Download

Apr 27, 2007

Download the wicked new MEGA Bloks Spider-Man 3 Toymation video to see Venom and Sandman in action!

Every Kid Needs Mod Podge

Apr 25, 2007

The French art of decoupage just got a lot easier thanks to this cool Mod Podge kit! Check out our review!

Klutz Window Art

Apr 11, 2007

Klutz's Window Art kit has everything you need to make your own unique window art. We're checking out this colorful craft!

Legendary Dragon & Dazzling Dolphin Toy Kit Review

Mar 27, 2007

Build, paint and decorate a powerful dragon or a cute dolphin with these toy puzzle kits. We review them here.

The Mysteries of Rainbows Science Kit Review

Mar 02, 2007

Discover the mysteries of rainbows with this cool, hands-on science kit from The Magic School Bug series!

LEGO BIONICLE Barraki Toy Kit Review

Feb 22, 2007

Battle for the Mask of Life with the new LEGO BIONICLE Barraki – evil mutant creeps from the deep! Here's our review.

Mega Bloks Dragons: Battlestorm Castle :: Review

Feb 09, 2007

Build the massive Battlestorm Castle and wage fierce battles over the Plasma Krystal with knights and dragons!

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Sentai Fortress Kit Review

Jan 23, 2007

Build the adventure with Sensei Keiken and the EXO-FORCE warriors as Meca One leads the assault on Sentai Fortress!

LEGO Exo-Force Kits: Grand Titan & Stealth Hunter Reviews

Dec 04, 2006

Build cool anime models and help humans battle against evil and ruthless robots with LEGO'S Exo-Force kits.

K'Nex Vertical Vengeance Coaster

Oct 19, 2006

Put together a wild roller coaster that's taller than you are with the K'Nex Vertical Vengeance Coaster.

PixelBlocks Building System

Oct 09, 2006

Let your imagination run wild and build stained glass models with the Pixel Blocks building system.

2008 K'NEXpert Search

Sep 25, 2006

Build cool stuff, win a ton of cash. Find out all the details on the 2008 K'NEXpert Search right here!

SpongeBob LEGO Playsets

Sep 21, 2006

Build the wacky world of Bikini Bottom or create the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob LEGO playsets.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT

Aug 17, 2006

It walks, it talks, it rolls! But, can you conquer the world with the incredible LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot building kit? Find out with our toy review!

LEGO Avatar Kits: Air Temple and Fire Nation Ship

Jul 31, 2006

Take the anime adventures of Aang, the last Airbender home with these new Avatar LEGO kits! We review them right here.

Zoobs Car Designer Kit

Jul 03, 2006

Build cruiser cars, trucks, airplanes, lunar rovers and other models with the ZoobMobile Car Designer Kit.

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