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Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the great-grandpappy of all smash-em fighting games. It's loaded with every character from Pikachu to Zelda, Samus to Solid Snake and even Sonic the Hedgehog. It challenges you to sit down with some friends, grab your favorite character, and knock the competition all the way to the moon. But you need to unlock a lot of the characters before you can play with them! So, it's Cheat Street to the rescue with the info you need. Check it out and don't forget to come back for all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs to help you beat your fave games!

Unlockable Characters

Here's a list of every character and how to unlock them. Lucario FTW!

Unlockable Character
How to Unlock Them
Captain Falcon
Beat Classic in 12 minutes or less then defeat him in the following match or 70 VS matches.
Beat 100-man brawl or play 50 VS matches.
Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda OR play 200 VS. matches.
Complete Classic Mode with any character other than Ike or Complete Event Match 20 or 350 VS matches.
Defeat in SSE with Meta Knight or Complete 5 Target Tests with any character or 100 VS matches.
Complete Classic Mode on Easy without continues or meet him in SSE or 22 VS matches.
Play 10 Brawls OR finish Classic on any difficulty OR get Marth in the SSE.
Mr. Game & Watch
Beat classic mode with every character or 250 VS matches.
Play five matches OR Reflect ten projecticles AND meet Ness in SSE.
R.O.B. (Robot)
Play 160 VS. matches.
Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island or 130 VS matches.
Complete the Subspace Emissary or 300 VS matches.
Toon Link
Finish the Classic mode as Link or 400 VS matches.
In the stage "Iseki" (Ruins) skip the first door you pass when being lowered in to the pit. Instead enter the second door at the bottom or 450 VS matches.

Selecting Alternate Characters/Stages

To select an alternate character, or stage, when you start a match, hold down a button on your controller. What button? This button:

  • Gamecube/Classic Controller - R button.
  • Wiimote with Nunchuk - Z button.
  • Wiimote - "-" button.

And, if you're playing as Samus and want to switch to Zero Suit Samus, all you have to do is quickly do an: Up Taunt, Down Taunt, Up Taunt.

Click Here for the 411 on unlocking levels, game modes and stage editor parts!

Click Here for the 411 on unlocking game music, and target tests!

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Who Are These Brawlers?

  • It's Anjelicus and Meta Knight!
  • Pit and Zero Suit Samus!
  • It's Kirby getting smacked down by Pit!
  • That's Sheik and Zelda.

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