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Meet the Nintendo Wii!

Meet the Nintendo Wii! - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

Get the scoop on Nintendos upcoming Nintendo Revolution video game console!

Microsoft has the Xbox 360, Sony has the Playstation 3 and now Nintendo has the Nintendo Wii... but that's not all! The peeps from Nintendo are going big by going small and announcing the small-size Revolution and even the Gameboy Micro - a Gameboy that's itty bitty, even for a Gameboy. We'll get you the info on the Gameboy Micro in a bit, right now it's time for the 411 on the Nintendo Revolution!

Nintendo Wii's Revolutionary Power!

Here's the shocker - it's not very fast. Check this out.

  • Only two or three times faster than the Gamecube.
  • Wireless internet ready.
  • Plays old Gamecube games.
  • Can be upgraded to play movies.
  • It comes in different colors.

It's barely faster than the Gamecube so the Xbox 360 and PS3 are going to leave it in the dirt! Right? Maybe not, check out all the special features.

Wild and Wacky Extras for the Nintendo Wii

First off, it's teensy, about the size of two DVD cases jammed together. Second, once you get it online you can download every Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 game that Nintendo has ever made, plus some Gamecube games, for free. There are also big plans for Metroid, Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda and more big games. This sucker may be small, but it's still a contender!

Nintendo Wii Final Details

It's wacky, but it just might work! This system is going to be the cheapest of the new game systems and it'll have more free games built-in than any of 'em. If you dig playing Nintendo's cool games more than having a screaming fast game system, this is the one for you.

Nintendo Wii Price Announcement!

So, what's it going to cost for the Nintendo Wii? $300? $400? How about less than $200! Yep, and they may make it cheaper. Nintendo is going to make this sucker super-cheap so everybody can snag one.

UPDATE - The Wii is dropping on November 19, 2006 for the low price of $250 US! That's more than the $200 that was rumored, but it's $150 less than an Xbox 360 and $350 less than the PS3!

Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

One of the wackiest things about the Nintendo Wii is the controller. It doesn't look like a video game controller, it looks like a TV remote! It also has motion sensor technology so it can tell when you wave it around and it'll let you use that to control your games. Sound cool? Check out this link for more info.

It's wacky, but it just might work! This system is going to be the cheapest of the new game systems and it'll have more free games built-in than any of 'em. If you dig playing Nintendo's cool games more than having a screaming fast game system, this is the one for you.

Want to say some thing about the Nintendo Wii? Comment below!

1It sucks. It's just black, it needs to be other colors and try to make it circular and able to have a screen on the top of it so you can play it anywhere.

Take my words into consideration and do what I said and it'll be the best selling thing you guys made.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: volcom911yankydoodle
Age: 14
Rating: 3

I known it isn't going to work because of people like me who didn't get a Nintendo 64 because we were too busy saving for the Playstation 2.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: kickallchickens
Age: 11
Rating: 5

It is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Jokerman588
Age: 12
Rating: 5

Holy cow, I can't believe it. I am a person who doesn't care about the graphics as much as the gameplay so I think this will BE THE BEST NINTENDO'S DONE YET!!! DOWNLOADING OLD NINTENDO CONSOLE GAMES?!?!?!?! Well, that won't be a good idea because I've been to websites with history of nintendo games that never made it in USA cause they had alot of nudity...so...yeah. U get the picture...yeah...but other than that U get to download all the old Final Fantasy games!!! Those were the best!!! Awesome!!!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Penguinmagi
Age: 14
Rating: 5

This game system rocks! I think this is the best idea any game industry has ever made!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Game Warrior

Age: 12
Rating: 5

Oh yea this rocks, this is going to be the best game system ever and any one who says different, well, keep it to yourselves fun suckers.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: GogetaRG
Age: 14
Rating: 5

This will be the biggest hit out of all the game systems.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Kula
Age: 12
Rating: 5

1This is the sweetest, coolest, awesomest, most tight thing I have ever seen! Finally, I can play DK64 with a smaller controller! Not to mention Starfox, Final Fantasy, and way too many games and series' to count!!! In one word - whoa.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: tydyedsmiley
Age: 12
Rating: 5

1It's an okay console, but I think that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are worth every cent and the Nintendo Revolution maybe be the loser of the three consoles but still a worthy console for the people who like to download free games on it.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Chain Gang 54
Age: 15
Rating: 4

1I believe this article has left something out. The controller. The controller design completely modifies the system. I am here with the info direct from Nintendo. The controller is a remote-like controller with a plug for 2 handed extensions allowing for customizable gameplay. But, that is the least of it. Of course it is completely wireless and the system receives specific data from the controller to play the game. This specific data is that it detects where it points to on the TV what angle, what position, what place, how close, everything. So imagine this a shooter where you hold the gun and aim it. Or swordfighting? Or, anything else? That is all you need to know about the Revolution controller.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: charman94
Age: 16
Rating: 5

Hey Charman94,
You're right, I totally forgot to mention the Nintendo Revolution controller here. The thing is, I did an update on it that you can find right here but I forgot to post the link here. I'll fix that up right pronto!

1I think Nintendo Wii is so awsome! It is the best system ever. I got it for Christmas and it rocks!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: max726
Age: 14
Rating: 5

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