June 2008 Horoscopes

Kidzworld knows that sometimes it's good to have the heads-up on what's gonna go down in your world. So here's the 411 - according to our astrology chick, Lunar Frost. Check it out and see if your zodiac sign says that the light at the end of the tunnel is something awesome or an oncoming train...



March 21 - April 20
Your love life's been on pause for the past couple of months, but it's about to leap into fast forward! Before you dive back in, sort out a relationship that's in need of closure. It's best to start a new relationship when an old one isn't holding you back.



April 21 - May 20
Travel is on your horizon this month! Whether you're taking a short road trip just a couple of hours from your house, or flying to the other side of the world, this vacation is sure to get you out of that rut and open your eyes to all the fun you could be havin' instead of feelin' so crappy.



May 21 - June 21
Make a wish at the beginning of the month, cuz by the end of June you'll be seein' it come true! Just be careful what you wish for...



June 22 - July 22
With the start of summer vacation, it's all about having fun in the sun! But make sure you slap on your sunscreen and play in the shade as well, or else you'll be battling a blistering sunburn for most of the month.



July 23 - August 22
A walk down memory lane inspires you to reconnect with friends from summers past. You may even get back in touch with that guy/girl who you had a flirtatious fling with on your annual family vacation last year!



August 23 - September 22
In desperate need of cash? Check out Kidzworld's suggestions on how to find a summer job. You may not be able to hang at the beach with your pals that much, but you'll be makin' enough money to buy whatever your heart desires!

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    Rose13113 wrote:

    My Cancer one is so true, I do get burnt easily and always need sun block!
    commented: Mon Jan 21, 2013

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    Dear Dish-It in the forums

    My grandmother was very close to me , some months ago she died for cancer in her Kidney. I feel to bad but it's destiny!
    reply about 3 hours
    Charulata posted in Friends:
    "katieee123_" wrote:I'm not going to judge her, it was most likely her parents fault. Poor girl. I'm sorry , But I don't think it's her parents fault. Her parents didn't tell her do anything with anyone , She did. Her parents isn't involved in this case!!
    reply about 6 hours
    katieee123_ posted in Friends:
    I'm not going to judge her, it was most likely her parents fault. Poor girl.
    reply about 7 hours
    AppleLover101 posted in Friends:
    I actually do too but he knows me and talks to me everyday and i just want to be friends with him
    reply about 8 hours
    AlphaT posted in Friends:
    Tell him, but not like "Hi, I like you" Ease it into a conversation, maybe with a joke?
    reply about 8 hours

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