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Demi Lovato Biography

Birthday: August 20, 1992
Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Demi Lovato went from small screen darling to larger than life diva, find out how!

Dallas Star

Demetria Devonne Lovato is an actress and singer who grew up in Texas with two sisters. Her older sister's name is Dallas and she is also an actress and singer, and Demi's youngest sister's name is Madison. Their mom, Dianna, was once a Dallas Cowboys NFL cheerleader and country music recording artist. While she was growing up, Demi won many talent competitions in Texas, and even performed during the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Halftime show.

Demi Lovato went from TV to the stageDemi Lovato went from TV to the stage

Barney's Friend

Demi started her young acting career at six years old, playing series regular Angela on Barney & Friends. After that Demi guest starred on Fox hit Prison Break, filmed Split Ends, and appeared on Just Jordan. In January 2007, Demi also landed the role of Charlotte Adams on the Disney Channel series As the Bell Rings.

New Disney Kid on the Block

Demi's breakout role was in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, starring the Jonas Brothers, it was so popular it got a sequel! At the same time Demi's music career was also exploding. After playing guitar and piano since she was 11, Demi covered "That's How You Know," from Enchanted, on the DisneyMania 6 album. Demi landed roles on Sonny with a Chance and So Random! She also recorded and released her first album, Don't Forget, in 2008 to rave reviews from critics.

Demi performing liveDemi performing live

Unbroken to Demi

Demi took a break from acting and released the album Unbroken, mixing up her style and showing off her true vocal range. Unfortunately Demi was struggling and after an incident where she punched a back up dancer (yikes!) she checked herself in to a rehab center for physical and emotional reasons - admitting that she was struggling with an eating disorder and self-harm. She has since become a serious advocate for mental health and anti-bullying.

Demi Album ArtDemi Album Art

Once she was checked out Demi got right back to her fans. She starred as a judge on The X Factor and in 2013 she released her next album, Demi.

Did You Know?

  • Demi is best friends with singer/Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez.
  • She starred in another Disney Channel Original Movie, Princess Protection Program.
  • Demi's background is Hispanic, Irish, and Italian.
  • Demi's favorite band used to be Paramore.
  • She has been romantically involved with actor Wilmer Valderama several years

Check out "Neon Lights" by Demi Lovato below!



Demi Says...

"That's what I had to worry about in middle school. I was always worried about being popular. Wow, if I had a chance to do it over again, I'd so rather be a nerd than be popular -- it's so much less stressful and you can be yourself. "

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