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Independence Day Games

Independence Day is perfect for three things: BBQ, fireworks and sports! Here are a few games you and your family can watch on the fourth!

Softball : Canada vs. USA

Canada had their independence day on July 1st, so why not duke it out with the U.S. for pride rights this week! The KFC: Bound For Beijing Tour prepares Team USA for the Olympics later this summer. Their next opponent will be their neighbors from the north, Canada. If you are down for showing your patriotism, cheer on these American ladies on Friday! You can see this match up at 4:30 pm ET on ESPN.

Wimbledon Championship

You are going have to be a big tennis lover in order to wake up this early to watch the Wimbledon Finals live. But if you live and breathe rackets and green furry balls, then it is totally worth it. A Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Final is always a possibility and who will come out of the women's side now that Justine Henin is retired and Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova have been eliminated? You will have to get up at the crack of dawn to find out! Catch these matches live ESPN 2 at 4:00 am ET.

2008 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dogs and Fourth of July go together like peaches and cream. So why not spend some of your holiday watching the professionals put down dogs like they were water. Last year Joey Chestnut ate 66 hot dogs to dethrone defending champ and former record holder Takeru Kobayashi by three hot dogs. So, who will win the $10,000 and the highly coveted Mustard Yellow Belt? You are just gonna have to tune in and find out! But a little advice, make sure you eat before you watch it, this could ruin your appetite! The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is at 10 am ET on ESPN.

  • Whoa! Put down that hot dog and check out the side effects of competitive eating right here before you consider making this sport your career!

Red Sox vs. Yankees

When it comes to heated rivalries, it doesn't get any better than the Yankees and Red Sox. It's no secret the two sides hate each other. With players like Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Derek Jeter - you are guaranteed a good show. This is a perfect game to watch with your family, friends and neighbors this Friday afternoon. That is, unless you got both die-hard Sox and Yankees fans in the room. If that is the case, we recommend you stick to watching a movie! Catch this classic showdown at 1:05pm ET on the YES Network.

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rose20 posted in Basketball:
i would go with basketball i been playing basketball since i was 3yrs old and now im 12
reply 3 days
well in my opinion i think its a sport cause its more of gymnastic and gymnastics is a sport so yeah :D :punk :nerd :nerd :nerd :punk :punk :punk
reply 8 days
It's definitely an American thing - here in Australia we have like no Cheerleaders or Cheerleading groups. I think it's a sport but I'm not really into it. I think any girls or boys can do it. :3
reply 8 days
"Dubadins" wrote: I have never been a cheerleader but I think it is a sport because it is very active and a lot of difficult looking moves. I agree
reply 8 days
Wolf74 posted in Dance:
use to like ballet and now gymnastics cause ballet does't suit me
reply 9 days