Gary's Got Gamecube

Wave Race - don't try this in the tub.
Courtesy of Nintendo
Mario's gonna kick butt.
Courtesy of Nintendo
Space - the worst place to have to go pee.
Courtesy of Nintendo
Gary's Got Gamecube - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Nintendo is Gary's new best friend - they let him play with a Gamecube! Check out what the fuzzy dude has to say about their new games and what'll blow your socks off when the Cube launches.

How do you make Gary happy? Give him games. Nintendo made Gary very happy when they brought him a Gamecube to play with. They plugged it in and let Gary go crazy. Here's what he got his paws on and which game is gonna knock your socks off.

  • Wave Race: Blue Storm

    Gary got drenched with this wet & wild jetski racing game. Awesome graphics, a ton of characters and a stunt mode for crazy tricks really got Gary's engine going. If you're looking for multiplayer racing or fun in the sun, this is the game for you.
    Rating: 4

  • Luigi's Mansion

    A mansion full of spooky ghosts, a weird story and incredible graphics bring Luigi's first solo adventure to life. Collect coins, capture ghosts and banish the haunted house with Mario's bro Luigi.
    Rating: 4

  • Pikmin

    Your lil' space dude has crashed his ship on a strange planet full of hyperactive plants and weird critters. You use tiny plants called Pikmin to solve puzzles, defeat monsters and rebuild his ship. This game is a blast and Gary loves the lil' Pikmin - they're so cute!
    Rating: 5

  • Super Smash Bros.: Melee

    Bash, smash, crash, kaboom! Pick your fave Nintendo hero and duke it out with any other Nintendo star in the ultimate arena showdown. You can fling turtles, knock Pikachu flying, go ape with DK and more! There are dozens of levels, tons of ways to play and more multiplayer options than you can shake a monkey at.
    Rating: 4

  • Rogue Squadron II

    The force is strong with this game. Fire it up and you'll find awesome starfighter action and crystal clear video clips from the Star Wars movies -it's just like watching them on TV. The graphics are great, the controls are easy and the action is incredible. Rogue Squadron II is da bomb!
    Rating: 5

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