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Double Identity Book Review

Double Identity Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 06, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

For thirteen years, Bethany’s parents have kept a devastating, life-changing secret about their family’s past. Now it’s time for Bethany to discover the truth. Check out Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

For thirteen years, Bethany’s parents have kept a devastating, life-changing secret about their family’s past. Now it’s time for Bethany to discover the truth. Check out Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Unanswered Questions

Just before her thirteenth birthday, Bethany’s parents drive to Sanderfield, Illinois and drop her off at her aunt Myrlie’s house—an aunt she’s never met. Without explaining, her parents drive away, leaving Bethany with many unanswered questions. Where are they going? Why can’t she go with them? And most of all, why is her mother always crying these days?

A Life-Changing Phone Call

Aunt Myrlie is a kind woman, but she’s also a stranger. And Bethany can’t help but pray for her parents to come back. When her father calls, he hides information from her, leaving Bethany more confused and frustrated than ever. But when her mother phones a few nights later, she sounds delusional, thinking Bethany’s name is Elizabeth. Who’s Elizabeth? That’s when the secrets of her family’s devastating past begin to unravel.

Devastating Family Secrets

Bethany learns that her parents once had another child named Elizabeth. She was tall and blonde, just like Bethany, and she was an amazing gymnast. But just before her thirteenth birthday, Elizabeth and Myrlie’s husband died in a tragic car accident. Suddenly Bethany understands why her parents have always been so overprotective, not letting her go to sleepovers or stay home alone. They’ve already lost one daughter, and they refuse to lose another.

Sisters or Twins?

As Bethany watches old home videos of her deceased sister, more questions tug at her. Why do she and Elizabeth look so alike? Why do they both love Fruit Loops and peaches-and-cream oatmeal? Why do they both have a fascination for big words, like “vainglorious” or “raconteur”? They were like twins, born more than thirteen years apart. But that’s not possible…is it?

The Bottom Line

Double Identity is a thrilling, climactic drama. The story explores fears, trust and life-changing family secrets. If you’re looking for a young adult book filled with deep, emotional issues, then Double Identity is the perfect story for you.

Double Identity Rating: 4

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    General In The Forums

    100hp posted in Debating:
    you can be fairly certain of your orientation at about any age around thirteen, or younger, too, maybe, but i do think that you'd need a more extensive understanding of sexuality before you're actually sure? your own sexuality and of sexuality in general. i mean, there is this misconception about sga orientations being s*x-central, which isn't true, since a young kid can have crushes on the same gender without even knowing about s*x at all in the first place. still, this is the difference between having an idea of your orientation and being certain of it (even if you may not be certain for many years after adolescence, too. it's not obligatory to figure it out before 20 or something). and it's really never too young for anybody to realize and acknowledge their attraction towards the same gender, it's just a matter of, will that attraction last for long enough after that for you to come out as the respective orientation? it's not just that you, as a girl, may be attracted to girls and boys now and later may just be attracted to boys--it could go totally the other way and find that you actually are only attracted to girls, but that only depends on your specific case and i don't know the details. it's fine to experiment with these labels i guess, but it's fair to say that many people will stop taking you seriously once you come out twice, thrice or more times as different things, because you hadn't thought it through properly. not to say that a single move like this that you do at thirteen will prove to be fatal or anything, though, if you live in a community that wouldn't put you at actual danger upon coming out, that is. you don't have to even choose a label if in the end you're not really sure, there shouldn't be pressure to do so. just go with something general and you'll get the point across. also keep in mind that 'coming out' isn't just a one time thing, and it's actually a continuous thing. sexuality won't come up in every discussion and you won't just go around yelling 'i'm gay!' around the whole city or something, you'll need to tell a lot of new people about it if you choose to and it will keep coming up. you can be out at school, but not at home. you can be out with friends, but not with the whole class. etc.  coming out isn't even such an important aspect in the first place if you ask me and it's a bonus pressure if you will. coming out will eventually come naturally when you get a same-gender partner and all, anyway, if you don't want to hide it forever or anything. good luck with that choice (in case i'm not too late with this reply, in which case good luck to whoever might be reading this for their own issue).
    reply 40 minutes
    no one
    reply about 5 hours
    rainbowpoptart posted in Random:
    16. :P "Boysrock50" wrote:18 in April :( Goodness, already? That's not fair, man. You can't leave yet, you're one of the cool users. Could you maybe, like, grow younger instead of older? Because that'd be great.
    reply about 13 hours
    To be completely and utterly honest, i think it's slightly young. I wouldn't go any younger that 16. Being 13 myself, i think it's hard trying to decide and put a label on something like this. If you bisexual, great! Straight, great! What i'm saying is....We have PLENTY of time in life to decide, so don't rush it just to say "Hey, i'm bi!" Or "Hey, I'm straight!"
    reply about 13 hours
    sugarpetals posted in Debating:
    "RavenClawRaina" wrote: 1. closed minded people like u are the reason this whole question was asked in the first place. 2. It has nothing to do with their age or how mature they are. 3. If its what they feel on the inside, thats never going to change with a age. 4. dont use character quotes. rlly bothers me. Use ur OWN quotes or a pic or something, not a dead character from Harry Potter k?  Oh i'm so sorry if the right to have my own views has offended you, i'm just  saying that the way i see it is that at the age of thirteen a kid is now being introduced to topics such as these and their hormones are now kicking in and they should give themselves time to grow, these are my views and i'm entitled to them, just the way you are to yours. Second of all its my signature , i'll put what i want and quote what i want from who i want, and if it bothers you that much then just be the big kid you are and ignore it, K?
    reply about 15 hours