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Total Drama Island TV Show Facts

In Total Drama Island, 22 teens compete to win $100 thousand dollars, and it's a cartoon! Kidzworld checks out Total Drama Island.


  • Chris MacClean - Chris MacClean is the host of Total Drama Island. He's easy-going and somewhat sadistic, he enjoys watching the [KWLINK 5801]campers suffer during the challenges.

Screaming Gophers

  • Beth - Beth joined TDI to meet some boys who share similar interests with her, such as chickens. At school, Beth tries to make friends but constantly makes a fool of herself in front of everyone.
  • Cody - Cody loves technology and he thinks of himself as the coolest-of-all-dudes-in-the-burbs (which he isn't) and joined TDI so he can hang with the cool kids.
  • Gwen - Gwen likes spending time alone with her sketch pad. She joined TDI because her younger brothers dared her to, and she decided that the money would make life a lot easier for her family.
  • Heather - Heather enjoys talking about her popularity or her appearance, Heather joined TDI because she believed that it would provide highly adequate training for carrying out her long term goal of ruling Europe and she intends to win the competition via dirty tricks, cheating, and sabotage.
  • Izzy - Izzy is the most psychotic member of the camp who is soothed by the sounds of horror movie soundtracks and was put to sleep with the sounds as a lullaby when she was a baby. She is known for her insane/stalker personality, and her habit of talking really fast.
  • Justin - Justin likes gorgeous things, or anything that matches him in terms of looks. A successful male model, he joined TDI so he can donate his winnings to the Unattractive-Looking People Wish Foundation.
  • Leshawna - Leshawna likes rolling with her girlfriends and dislikes anyone who gives her attitude. She is known for being outspoken and joined TDI to show anyone can win if they give it their all and to be a role model for kids on the street.
  • Lindsay - Lindsay is very simple-minded and lovable, and is the typical hot blonde of the show. She is living proof that life is easier when you're drop-dead gorgeous. She joined TDI so she could share her beauty with the world
  • Noah - Noah is a self-absorbed, lazy, manipulative person who blends in with the background. He is known for being a freakish child genius[/KWLINK] and joined TDI because he wants to apply skills from fantasy-land survival video games to the real world.
  • Owen - Owen, A.K.A. Fatty Ginormus, is a large, enthusiastic boy. Having three older brothers, he is the baby"of the family and joined TDI because he enjoys summer camp especially the free food.
  • Trent - Trent is the cool camper who enjoys riding his new motorcycle and dislikes his dad telling him to become an accountant. He is known for being simply cool, relaxed, and plays a guitar.

Killer Bass

  • Bridgette - Bridgette is a beautiful blonde and a compassionate environmentalist with a knack for surfing. She is not very coordinated on land though, and has a crush on Geoff.
  • Courtney - A bossy girl, Courtney feels the need to be in charge because she has leadership training. Courtney joined the show because she thinks it is a good way to see if she will succeed in real life and she is determined to win the contest and the $100,000 .
  • DJ - DJ is a tall, sweet-tempered Jamaican-Canadian boy. He joined TDI because he figured that the money would really help his mother fulfill her dream of going back to Jamaica.
  • Duncan - A juvenile delinquent who comes from a long line of policemen and women, Duncan is easily angered and always gets mad at the other members of the Killer Bass.
  • Eva - Eva is a tough girl who has been in physical training since she was three years old. She is physically the strongest member of Killer Bass, and can be seen defeating Tyler in an arm-wrestling match in the opening sequence.
  • Ezekiel - Ezekiel is a socially-inept, sexist, home-schooled guy. He speaks eight different languages his parents want to keep him away from the evil of the world.
  • Geoff - Geoff loves to party every night and always wears a pink shirt and a cowboy hat. He has a big crush on Bridgette but always seems to mess up his chances with her.
  • Harold - An awkward, geeky teen with various medical problems, Harold had the most badges in Possum Scouts. He looks and sounds like Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Katie & Sadie - She and Sadie are best friends for life, dressing alike and spending all their time together. Katie was originally on the Screaming Gophers, but could not stand to be on the opposite team as Sadie, so Izzy volunteered to switch with her during the first challenge.
  • Tyler - Tyler is the jock who isn't actually that great at any sports even though he loves anything that involves throwing, catching, hitting, or bouncing.

Fun Facts

  • Camp Wawanakwa is supposed to be located somewhere near Muskoka, Ontario.
  • When a contestant is voted off, they walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers.
  • Total Drama Interactive is an online rpg where players earn marshmallows and can win the chance to be featured in an episode.
  • Every cast and crew member had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal who the winner was.


"I can make it... I can make it... great Zeus, it hurts!!" - Owen

"You want drama? You'll be pennyless! Jobless! Your mug will be on every blog from here to Cape Breton." - Heather

"Heather's strength? I'd have to say her bottomless pit of mean... I'm banking on her massive ego to be her downfall." - Gwen

"I was pretty stoked to be paired with Owen. I mean if you saw a grizzly, who do you think he'd rather dunk in BBQ sauce?" - Duncan

"I just want to say that my props are not cheesy. I lost three interns putting those rocks into place. And as for that rescue team, nuh-uh. Those campers are on their own." - Chris

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