Top 10 Classic Summer Songs / Top 10 Current Summer Songs

It's Not A Summer Song List Without The Beach Boys

We’ve got two great top 10 lists to suit all you KW members out there, whether you like rocking out to old-time classics or jamming to the latest songs on the countdown. Not only that – all the songs on these lists are perfect for summertime. So sit back, turn on the tunes and enjoy everything summer has to offer – musically speaking, of course.

Top 10 Classic Summer Songs

Even if you don’t recognize all of these songs, you’ve probably heard them playing on the radio at some point on an oldies or classic rock station. And there’s a reason it’s called “classic” rock – these musical masterpieces will never go out of style, whether it’s the summer of 1960 or the summer of 2009.

No. 10: Summer In The City by Lovin’ Spoonful
Lyrics: “Hot town, summer in the city…”
Notes: The official anthem for hot summer nights in 1966

No. 9: Summertime by Billy Stewart
Lyrics: “Fish are jumping and the cotton is high…”
Notes: The country version of Summer In The City

No. 8: In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry
Lyrics: “When the weather is fine…”
Notes: A solid list of ways to waste your time in the summer

No. 7: Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer
Lyrics: “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…”
Notes: If you’ve got to work all summer, this is the song for you

No. 6: Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly And The Family Stone
Lyrics: “Them summer days…”
Notes: This song was recorded just after the band performed at Woodstock in 1969

No. 5: All Summer Long by The Beach Boys
Lyrics: “T-shirts, cut-offs and a pair of thongs…”
Notes: No list of summer songs is complete without this California surfer band

No. 4: Summer (Can’t Last Too Long) by Asia
Lyrics: “I’ll be making the most of summertime…”
Notes: This one reminds you of how you can’t wait for summer… and then it just seems to fly by

No. 3: The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
Lyrics: “Your brown skin shining in the sun…”
Notes: Yes, we all look forward to getting a nice golden tan during this season

No. 2: Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams
Lyrics: “That summer seemed to last forever…”
Notes: One of the all-time great songs everyone seems to know all the lyrics to!

No. 1: School’s Out For Summer by Alice Cooper
Lyrics: “School’s out for summer…”
You all know this song – if you don’t, maybe you’ve never had a summer break from school before?

Top 10 Current Summer Songs

So maybe that last top 10 list was more geared toward your mom and dad than you. Here are a few of the songs kids are gonna be listening to during the summer of 2009:

No 10: Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry
Lyrics: “Why am I wearing your class ring…”
Notes: Katy Perry tells you what you get for waking up in Las Vegas

No 9: Day ‘N’ Night by Kid Cudi
Lyrics: “I try to run but see I’m not that fast…”
Notes: This is gonna be a hot one this summer

No 8: LoveGame by Lady GaGa
Lyrics: “I wanna kiss you but if I do then I might miss you…”
Notes: It’s all about love in this song

No 7: Hot Revolver by Lil Wayne
Lyrics: “She likes me too much that’s the problem…”
Notes: Cool to hear how (some) guys feel about love

No 6: Paranoid by Jonas Brothers
Lyrics: “I try to live without regrets…”
Notes: If you listen closely, there’s some pretty good advice in these lyrics

No 5: Heavy Cross by The Gossip
Lyrics: “It’s up to me and you to prove it…”
Notes: While this song talks about cold, rainy days, it’s still a hit for summer

No 4: 1901 by Phoenix
Lyrics: “Like we did it all summer long…”
Notes: Check out this cool French alternative rock group

No 3: Don’t Trust Me by 3OH!3
Lyrics: “You tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef…”
Notes: Ladies – stay away from any guy who feels this way about girls!

No 2: Goodbye by Kristine DeBarge”
Lyrics: “Either way baby I’m gone…”
Notes: Knwoing when it’s time to leave is just as important as knowing when it’s time to love

No 1: Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyes Peas
Lyrics: “I got the hit that beat the block…”
Notes: The beat in this one can’t be beat

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